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Sigfried von Schliefen

Graf of Neudortmund, Coventry Province, Lyan Commonwealth

Meet my heir....

This is my personal mech. It is a Blr-2X Battlemaster that I call

"The Gorilla II".

hpt7.gif (1350 bytes) My call sign is Hauptman Krieger hpt7.gif (1350 bytes)

Knight's Order of the Guard House Steiner Legion of Meritorious Service House Steiner Letter of commendation Defense Meritorious Service Medal Tamar Graduate badge Matera Campaign Ribbon

Kala Oya Campaign Ribbon  Mahaweli Campaign Ribbon HS cadet jump ready badge HS cadet marksman badge HS-cadet engineer badge


Commendations of House SteinerArchon's Own  1st Royal GuardThe Mad Hatters  6th Lyran RegularsBlack Watch  10th Skye RangersFearsome Fourteenth   14th Lyran Guard

Stavlos Tigers  15th Arcturan GuardThe Scarlet Guards  19th Lyran GuardWalking Hellfire  30th Lyran GuardWar College of TamarThe Nagelring on TharkadMech Design Institute

Battle Tech: This is a really cool game by Fasa. I have played it for over 17 years. I also play it's more recent incarnations MechCommander & MechCommander 2!!! They Kick ASS!

  aniEagle.gif (11364 bytes)Warhammer 40K:This is another great game that I got into about ten years ago, just because the miniatures are so cool to paint. It's by Games Workshop, and is very fun and challenging, but rather demanding on time. My space marine chapter is called the Totentanzers. (more info on them will be added eventually.)



Command & Conquer: If you havn't played this game, your missing out. It's AI is limited, but playing against real people on-line is EXCELENT! Also the other versions Red Alert & Red Alert 2, are just as fun. These games are by Westwood Studios.


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