Top 20 Yahoo! Towers Players


2v2 tournament, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2000.  4pm PT = 7pm ET in Olympia Centre.  Info and game schedule is here.  There are 18 teams in 3 divisions.  If you are registered and you can't come anymore, please let me know so someone else can play.



Last Updated 9/28/00 - There is no strong #1 at this point; it was a tricky decision so don't hassle me.  Because the ratings are sort of difficult to do now, I might switch to updating this page weekly only, and letting the tournaments decide who the better players are.  If any of these x_y2k names are messed up, or aren't correctly assigned, let me know...

Next Update ~ 10/02/00

01. x_y2k_duffy_521_t2k_x / duffy_521
02. x_y2k_at0mic_star_y2k_x / towers_knockout_at0mic_star
03. x_y2k_great_warri0r_y2k_x / great_warri0r
04. godd_apollo / poba cola  / po_ba
05. thelaughteroflovesyn_envy / loroyu
06. x_y2k_grandia_y2k_x / grandia_leader (can't follow ID'
07. sim_isbest / pure_jailbait_p0w3r
08. ah_kit_1981angel_of_sin_hellwalker
09. x_y2k_whoop_y2k_x / whoop2k / i_whoop2much
10. mercenary_erupti0n / ne0_maul / mike_is_not_good
11. captain_scott_is_drunk
12. godd_hades
13. pyro_undefiled
14. x_y2k_egghead_y2k_x / chr0nic_azzkicka / godd_deimos
15. x_y2k_shadow_y2k_x / shadow_69_3o1o2_2o1o3_96_wodahs
16. aznpride_power
17. gamerzbot
18. vg_vietgang
19. dravidian_pandavos / godd_aeolus / d_r_a_v
20. btp_gordonhosm

close: great_fire_blasta / lightning_shocka, mercenary_leader (inactive), ancient_akis (inactive), unfadeablez_gamballerz, haro_bros, towers_elite_viper / the_49er_kidi_am_crap_clan_leader, unfadeablez_quick_chicken, k_2_0_0_3, snowrippa, pink_sundress / quispflakes, lucky_blocks_thats_all_19, great_fire_blasta / lightning_shocka, jadight, choisum_power.

TOURNAMENT - Sunday, Sept. 17 - 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern  - OLYMPIA CENTRE
The tournament was lots of fun.  grandia_leader won by default in a strange final, where his opponent, towers_knockout_erupti0n, disappeared with the score tied 1 game each.  Other than the weird ending, things went relatively smoothly.

Next TOURNAMENT - Sunday, Oct. 1, 1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern
The next 1v1 tournament should be on Oct. 15, if things go as planned.

How it works:

* The way I rank players is based on rated game histories.  It is a bit arbitrary in places, but I try to be fair based on both history and recent games.  Eventually I'd like to make rankings based solely on tournament results, or on the votes of the people in the top 20.

* Only currently active players are allowed (sorry, no creon).

* To be on the list, you have to actively play other people on the list.  If you don't, you'll be removed.

* Ratings are based on one-on-one performance. 

* The list is updated once a week or more often, during normal circumstances.

* I use the ratings in part to make brackets for 1v1 tournaments, the first of which was on Sunday, Sept. 17.

* If you think my list sucks, realize that's it's not easy to make a definitive ranking.  If you think I low-balled you for some reason, all you have to do to move up is beat people who are higher than you on the list.  Of course the list isn't perfect, but the more you play the better it gets.

* I thought this was sort of obvious, but I think it needs to be pointed out: just because you beat someone once (say 3-0) doesn't mean that you're necessarily better than them; no one wins all the time.  I have to take into account past games and the people that both players have played against in deciding rankings.


What I ask of the players:

* Play rated 1v1 games against each other (and play in series; don't quit after you win one game).  If games are unrated, they're basically impossible to track because they don't appear on the game histories. 

* Please pick one ID for rated 1v1 games, it makes it easier to track.  Each person should only be on the list once.

* If you challenge people on the list, make sure your rating is nearly as high as theirs, so it's worth their while to play you.  If you cheat or sabotage your rating in order to take points from people, I consider that grounds for removal from the list.  I've found that people on the list generally have a 2300+ rating, but there are also lots of 2400+ players who aren't good enough to be on the list.

* No excuses.  I know sometimes things are laggy, but there's nothing I can do.  Get DSL and more RAM or something.


Who are you?

I'm Paul.  I'm not as good as these players, but I rank about 2100 (qgp, nowatzki_funk, vert_alert, vertikiller).  This is an impartial list and I'm not messing with the ratings cause I'm friends with people or anything like that.  If you have any suggestions about the site (especially duplications in names on the list, people you'd like me to watch who you think deserve to be on, or other important comments), email me at