U never thought it was possible! But it has happened, there is now a TOXIC CROUTON!!
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Also Me-|
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This is the best car in the world! Will be mine soon!
This Is Bianca! She is my 2nd best friend in the world!
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This is Amber! She is My best friend in the whole wide world!  When I go to PA it is to chill with her! Shes fun to be with! Plus has the best sense of humor I've ever come in contact with!
Her Page is
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   /   This is my mom!
  /     She is and always
/ ___ will be the best
\       mom EVA! Gotta
  \     luv her!
If I were a care bear!                   |
               \  |  /
                 \ /
Thug Bear
Thug Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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