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Toyota Avanza (Daihatsu Version)



Look at the picture above, it seem that the Daihatsu design is looks better than our current Toyota Avanza. The car looks tough and sporty and it looks more like a SUV.


Read About Toyota Avanza at Wikicars



There is an interesting write-up about Toyota Avanza at Wikicars, it explains how the word 'Avanza' is taken from and the meaning of it. Check it out here.

Toyota Avanza Accident (Impatient Drivers)



Nowadays, you will notice many of the car drivers are very impatient while on the road, their selfish behavior will only bring pain and suffering to them, no point to regret their action after accident has occurred. They often think the accident would not happen to them, they are in control, accident can happen to anyone especially to those impatient drivers, they might be lucky today but there is no guarantee that they are always lucky, accidents do happen to impatient drivers. Are you one of the impatient drivers?



Toyota Rush shares same platform as Toyota Avanza



Do you all know the latest SUV Toyota Rush use the same platform as Toyota Avanza? No doubt the exterior look of the Toyota Rush is really impressive, but hold your horses, at the price of RM 94,888.00, you are getting a hybrid Toyota SUV, this Toyota Rush is build in Indonesia, it comes with cheap quality plastic and under power engine.


A recap, Toyota Rush history is tightly link with Perodua Kembara, the Toyota Rush (Daihatsu Terios) technology & design is originally came from Daihatsu, well many of us might heard about scary stories about Perodua Kembara, think twice again, if you plan to get Toyota Rush, check out this website for more details on Toyota Rush.


Toyota Avanza Egypt



Toyota Corporation has started selling Toyota Avanza in Egypt and the response on Toyota Avanza is quite good as the MPV is value for money and their target consumers are middle income earners. Check out Toyota Avanza Egypt version.



New Nissan MPV launched



Recently a model of MPV launched by Tan Chong Motors, the Nissan MPV is competitively price between priced from RM82,800 to RM95,300 with a choice of six colours. The newly launched MPV is called Grand Livina, it comes in three variants with a choice of two engine specifications, a 1.6L engine with either manual or automatic transmission variants and 1.8L engine, which comes in the automatic transmission variant.

Interesting TV Commercial on Toyota Avanza


This Toyota Avanza TV commercial is from Thailand, the TV commercial shows an attractive lady rushing to a party in her Toyota Avanza, we hope you enjoy the TV commercial. Toyota Avanza rocks!


Wow! Is School Holiday Time, Where to go?


Long school holidays is around the corner, where to bring your family for holiday in your Toyota Avanza? Out of ideas, do not look far, our own Malaysia Tourism Board has own website which showcase a lot of interesting places to visit.


Toyota Avanza Oversea Websites


Well, I find the oversea websites on Toyota Avanza are very informative and interesting to read than our Malaysia official website on Toyota Avanza, what do you think ? Check out these website if you have the time:

Toyota Avanza MPV Top Seller


Do you know that Toyota Avanza is still the MPV Top Seller in Malaysia? The following is the list of Top Three Sellers of MPV Category:


Toyota Avanza:     26,860
Naza Citra:           18,195
Toyota Innova:       9,435    


Source: New Sunday Times

Read about Toyota Avanza at Wikipedia


The Toyota Avanza is an Indonesian designed mini MPV produced in Indonesia[2] and also assembled in Malaysia, with supervision from Toyota, who also sell the car under their Daihatsu brand. The car was launched at the Gaikindo Auto Expo in 2003 and sold over 100,000 units, click here to continue.


Source: Wikipedia


YouTube Toyota Avanza Video Clips Collection



Checkout this page which contains vast YouTube Toyota Avanza Videos collection, many of the videos clips collection are taken by the own Toyota Avanza owner, I hope you enjoy them.


Malaysia Car Price Guide


Get your latest Car Price at Malaysia Car Price Website, don't miss it. You have to visit the website to believe it. By the way, the latest Toyota Car Price list also available here.


Toyota Avanza Club Malaysia


The following is the list of Toyota Avanza Club in Malaysia:


1. Toyota Owners' Club Malaysia
2. Tribe Toyota
3. AvanzaMalaysia - Yahoo Group


The New Toyota Avanza 1.5



The new Toyota Avanza 1.5 comes with a new features like:

1. 1.5 litre VVTI Engine
2. Dual SRS Airbags
3. ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution)

but with a price tag at around RM 76,000. check out the Toyota Avanza 1.5 specs.

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