Sex Toy Reviews for Men

Male sex toys have come a long way from a decade ago when the best you could find were rubber tubes that felt like you were fucking a steel-belted radial.

Well, in truth, they're still rubber tubes, but they sure have come a long way, with new materials and design that allow maximum (or near maximum) pleasure for us guys.

Unfortunately, most men haven't discovered sex toys yet. They're still spending large wads of cash on living, breathing sex toys and reaping the emotional and financial pain that comes from it. Thus, there aren't a whole lot of reviews of men's sex toys and most guys don't know what the hell they're getting when they shop online.

This site has been created to answer the questions that men have regarding sex toys and will hopefully guide them into smart purchases.

We've done just what you're doing: scour the 'net for decent ways to get off. You can't find many good descriptions on the sites that sell toys, so you just have to spend your money and hope for the best. Or you can come here. We only review toys that we've actually bought and used, so that means that some of the low quality, really expensive or just plain weird-looking ones will not be found here.

We've provided some links on each of the review pages to net vendors who are reputable and swift. If, after reading these reviews, you do decide you'd like to purchase a toy, we'd sure love it if you'd use one of those links to buy the item. It kicks us back some of the money you spend and allows us to go out and buy other toys and review them for your viewing pleasure. All the vendors we link to have very good prices --they're the ones we used when we bought our toys!

Please note: this site does not review "male" toys that are primarily intended to give pleasure to women. Such "toys" consist of cock rings, which are designed to prolong and harden erections to give the woman more pleasure; penis extensions, made to give her pleasure; ribbed condoms, 'for her pleasure'; and other stuff like that. This is a site designed to help MEN enjoy themselves, without the use of a woman. Spend your money on you.

To quote Tyler Durden in 'Fight Club', "We're a generation of men raised by women; maybe another woman is the last thing we need."

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Masturbator Reviews

The Pocket Pal
by Hustler

Devon's Private Pleasures
by Swedish Erotica

Cyberskin Cyber Sex Buddy
by Topco

Nikki Tyler's Ultra Realistic Vagina
by Doc Johnson


Here's a list of toys we haven't and will most likely never review. If you click on any of them it will take you to a page with a photo of the toy along with the reason we refuse to review it.

The Climaxer
Doc Joc's Incredible Jack-Off Device
The Electric Hand Job
Christy's Realistic Vibrating Vagina
Pink Jelly Quartz (Pocket Pal)
Senso Lips
Triple Play
Senso Tight Pink Pussy