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If you are of an illegal age to view adult materials or you are easily offended, please be aware this is an adult site, featuring adult erotica.

Welcome to my pleasure palace. My name is Billie Rose and you have just entered my world of passion. My personal belief is that any form of intimacy is a way to express yourself to your partner, husband, wife, friend and of course self expression. If you can't be comfortable with yourself how can you be comfortable with someone else, right? I feel that sex is the physical expression of love between lovers and can be an exciting pleasure among friends.

Reading stories of erotica is a joy to me and writing it is like inviting each and everyone of you into my soul and bedroom. Hopefully you'll discover some things about yourself or maybe you'll revisit an already established joy.

Either way,
Thank you for joining my world.
I hope you will pull up a chair, get comfortable, and please remember that any messes you make are not my responsibilty.  However, they are sincerely my pleasure.  To read a particular story just click on any of the pictures below and be prepared to be tantalized.

The only thing I ask is for you to have an open mind, and do not steal my ideas or stories.

Please sign my guestbook before leaving, I would love to know what you think of them or if you have something you would like to see.

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