To. CheongShim students We have a lot of commonness. Firstly, we are humans who are the main character of the earth. The one who developed the earth marvelously was we, not others. What connects us similarly is that we are all Koreans. We spread our culture all over the world and, one day, I believe we can be the leader among other countries. I, also, believe that making our country famous is our goal and mission. Lastly, what I really think we are destiny is that we are all the parts of CheonShim. There are numerous, uncountable people lived around the world. Isn't it strange that we are all Koreans, even we are attending the same school? Maybe, the probability of becoming the members of CSIA among whole people lived in the earth is lower than the probability of winning lottery. Do not waste our fate and enjoy our life at CheongShim.

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