See the Worst Stuck Trucks! Ok, so most of the pics are of my Bronco...

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  Update for April - 

     I was able to squeeze in one more trip with the Ciclopi club of Catania.  We drove to the center of the island to a town called Enna.  We had two days of hard rain prior to the run and that made for some serious wet clay...

day_of_mud.jpg (69772 bytes)

   March -

     This is the last month for the Bronco here on the island so the wheeling has been fierce.  Next stop is in the Pacific N.W. for the summer then wherever the jobs take us.  I'm sure I'll find wheeling wherever we go.

snow_etna_1.jpg (106070 bytes)

     -  A trip to Mt. Etna and lots of snow, Cory's Jeep with new 35 inch tires and my Bronco.

motta_wheeling4.jpg (139047 bytes)

     -  A trip to Motta for wheeling in the valley with Massimo.

snow_etna_3.jpg (62594 bytes)

      -  I took my neighbor and his kids up a trail on the side of Mt. Etna.

snow_etna_11.jpg (82974 bytes)

     -  Josh and I set out to conquer Mt. Etna and found a surprise at the top.

corys_roll1.jpg (406771 bytes)

     -  The wild Ciclopi 4x4 club run in Lentini.


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