As you enter, TM's form settles into the small cat-like creature. "Welcome to my Digital domain. In here, I'm TailMon. Which, I think, is the Japanese name for Gatomon. I like cats.'' Tai shows up. "Hey, TailMon! Here, kitty, kitty, kitty." TailMon glares at Tai, lashing her tail. "I told you not to do that. I can always put your ideas on the back burner, and stick with Matt." Tai grins and picks up the small Digimon, scratching behind her ears. TailMon purrs quietly. "You aren't gonna do that. Matt gets a little too stiff for you sometimes. Like it or not, you need me." TailMon sighs. "Yeah, I know. But you still shouldn't do stuff like that. Muses should be kind to their authors." TailMon hops out of Tai's arms, and pads over to some doors. "What are you looking for? Just pick a door. Yes, I know that rhymed." So, what are you here for?



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