Stay tuned right here and watch the complete "frame off" Rotisserie restoration
of a rare 1963 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster.
Although the original color of this car was code "M" Corinthian White, I will be changing
it to one of the following colors, and would like your input:
Code "G" - Silver Mink
Code "L" - Sahara Rose
The colors don't look exactly like the real paint, but are close
Silver Mink is described as "silver blue metallic" and Sahara Rose as "pink"
Please email me and let me know which color you like best.
The interior will be restored to it's original black vinyl scheme.

Front view before starting
Rear before starting
Engine before starting
Dash before starting

Front coming apart
Back coming apart
Fenders,radiator off

This car will be for sale when the restoration is completed.
If you would like to be on the list of potential buyers, feel free
to send me your name, email address and phone number. I'll contact everyone
on the list to let them know it's available and they'll be able to come
and personally inspect the car. The complete process will be chronicled
right here on this website so everyone will know exactly what they're getting.
Every single piece on this car will have had the utmost attention paid to it and
will be restored to it's original beauty or better!
There will be absolutely no surprises for the lucky person who purchases this car.
You won't find this claim anywhere else in the world! You can own the very
best 1963 Thunderbird Sports Roadster in the world!

I WILL NOT take any deposits or make any commitments to anyone for the purchase
of this Roadster until after the restoration is complete
and the car is thoroughly tested.

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