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Stage of Life: Grad Student
Librarian/Literacy professional specialising in Academic Libraries and Youth

Seeking job as:  Librarian/Literacy professional

I enjoy reading, writing, music, theater, politics, hiking, camping photography sailing, Mass and prayer, poetry, etc. I love traveling , but I also like to cozying up to a good movie or book at home.  I read Latin (at a 2nd yr level)and speak a little Italian.

I am outgoing, talkative. I can be overly serious at times, but I laugh a lot at everything.  I am human, with a past and weaknesses, but with God's help I am growing stronger each moment.

Favorites etc.:
I like all* kinds of art and music except the screaming or profain. My favorite bands include Becca St. James, Creed, Third Day, Crispin, and more. My favorite books of all-time are Lord of The Rings, Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie. Spiritual reading--Story of a Soul, St. John of the Cross, Theresa of Avila and Augustine, and of course The Bible. Films--Angelina Jolie (the good ones), LOTR, The Passion, Indiana Jones, La Vita E' Bella, Beautiful Mind, Braveheart and anything by M. Night Shamalan, esp. The Village.

Personal Code:
I believe in forgiveness, redemption and growing in holiness. I love God and his people. I am a patriot; I love the Constitution and support our soldiers even though I abhor violence and wars. I am dedicatedly pro-life and interested in community outreach work. I love children: they are our hope.

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