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Update to MSN9

Verifying an MSNMoney Account

To do this you must first sign into passport with a managing account. If you do not know how to do this, then talk to a supervisor.
Next go to this site and enter in their e-mail address as the Passport Sign In Name.

There is a new section for members which can be accessed here: Member Center

Bill Pay Articles
Warm Transfer Codes
MOO Application Errors

regsvr32 softpub.dll

This regedit is now available for L1 agents when customer has issues viewing secure web sites. To use this click the Start button. Click Run. And type it in.

Dup mail in OE

Go to Tools, then Options and uncheck "When starting go directly to my inbox folder"

Deleted E-mails

Recently users have indicated that their email has been deleted without their consent. They are unable to find the messages at the Hotmail site. If the user goes to their local Outlook Express inbox they will find the missing messages. Agents have also found the messages in the WUE hidden trash folders for many of these users.
To resolve this using Outlook Express go to Tools and select Accounts. Select the MSN POP account and click the Properties button. Select the Advanced tab. In the Delivery section at the bottom put a check mark in "Leave a copy of messages on server" box and the box marked "Remove from server when deleted from 'Deleted Items'".

Problems Viewing e-mail through MSN software
This was due to a recent Windows XP update. The website to download the patch for this is:
Download this second one if the first doesn't work


Mailhost Fix #1

- In one window locate the regsvr32 file
- In a second click and drag the mailui.dll file to the regsvr32 file

Windows 98/ME
C:\Program Files\MSN\MSNCoreFiles\mailui.dll

Windows 2000/XP
C:\Program Files\MSN\MSNCoreFiles\mailui.dll

Mailhost Fix #2

Remove the following keys :
- HK_LM_\Software\classes\mailhost
- HK_LM_\Software\classes\CLSID\{8B621BBF-A21D-4311-92E5-A98E7DDDF36A}
- HK_LM_\Software\classes\MIME\Database\Content Type\application/msmail

Remove the Mailui.dll file and the migrate.dll file from C:\Program Files\MSN\MSNCoreFiles

Install MSN9 customized to install just the mail component.

Intellisync Not Syncing

If you see any problems syncing palm pda's.

1. change the modem speed to connect at 57600.
2. set the init string to AT&F.
3. get user online, and then retry...

Enabling Canceled MSN Accounts

To just add as secondary acct:
1. Upgrade acct to ES (29.95 is only option) after signing into acct via using IE.
2. Expire new ES subscription and refund charge using PAM.
3. Now you should be able to add the acct as a secondary acct.

To get the cancelled acct to use NB again:
1. Upgrade acct to ES (29.95 is only option) after signing into acct via using IE.
2. Change subscription to NB and refund ES charge using PAM.
3. Now you should be able to use dialup again.

P.S. It may also be possible to just upgrade straight to MSN 9 Dial-up plan while on the hotmail upgrade page?

Actiontec 1520/1524 Recovery

The recovery process needs to take place if the Internet light does not come on at all.
1 - Control Panel => Network, select the TCP/IP for the Actiontec and choose properties. Set the IP address to, and subnet to and reboot the computer.
2 - After making sure it's still set to the above settings put the Actiontec CD in, and close the Installation Buddy if it opens.
4 - In My Computer right-click on the CD ROM with the Actiontec CD and choose explore, and go to Support Files => Recovery.
5 - Click "OK" after making the appropriate selections on any windows that come up until it says "Server is waiting..."
6 - On the back of the Actiontec modem, there is a reset button that needs to be pushed with a pen or other small pointer, push AND HOLD the button down through step 7.
7 - Unplug the power from the modem for a second or two and plug back in, then AFTER the screen shows the "Critical Recovery" window, then release the Reset button.
8 - Control Panel => Network, select the TCP/IP for the Actiontec and choose to obtain an IP address automatically.
9 - => Setup/Configuration and begin basic setup again.

WINSOCK Fix For Windows XP

1 - Delete the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Winsock \Winsock2 keys, then restart the computer.
2 - Right click on the connection being used and choose Properties, (if NB connection click the Networking tab and then), click Install click Protocol, click Add, Click "Have Disk", type "c:\windows\inf" and click OK, then choose "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) from the list and click OK, then Close, then restart the computer.

Adding User Tiles To MSN

1 - In the registry editor, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSN6\Users
2 - If the users e-mail address is listed under the Users folder, then select the e-mail address for the user tile you want to add, and on the right side, right-click on TXUSER and choose "Modify", and change the Value Data to 1.
3 - If the users e-mail address is not listed under the Users folder, then right-click on the Users folder and choose New --> Key. Name the key the e-mail address for the user tile you are trying to add. Then make sure the e-mail address is selected, and on the right side, right-click the blank area and choose New --> Dword Value. Name the Dword Value "TXUSER". Then right-click on TXUSER and choose "Modify", and change the Value Data to 1, click OK, then exit the registry. Open MSN and the user tile should be there.

Flash DSL1000 Modem

Get the MSN keycodes
Call MSN, and after verifying your account information, ask for the keycodes. Pretty simple.

Acquire firmware from SMC europe website
The SMC Barricade is a european model, and the firmware is available on their website
Download the Firmware 1.10 and Flash Reset Procedure.
Extract the firmware to your hard drive and print out the Flash Reset Procedure.

Build a bootable CD
The reason for this is that the USB flash utility requires a PURE DOS environment to flash successfully.
If you have an old boot disk lying around, you can probably use that. Keep in mind, the firmware is about 1.3 megs zipped, and it still needs enough room to build its image file during the flash process.
Follow the procedures here to build the boot cdrom.
At the part that says "if you want any files in the root of the CDROM", you want to extract the SMC firmware downloaded in the previous step to this folder, and continue with the procedure.

Setup and Run flash procedure
Boot from the CD burned in the previous step. A dialog box might popup asking if you want to continue, you be the judge. Once you're at the prompt, we need to setup the system to flash the firmware.
As the CD is read-only, and the flash app needs to write to the disk to create the image file, we must copy the firmware to the RAM disk and run the utility from there. The following commands should suffice:
mkdir q:\smcfw
xcopy \*.* q:\smcfw\
In my case, either the disk burning procedure or the extraction changed the hyphens in the gif filenames to underscores, throwing off the utility. If that is the case for you, simply xcopy ??_??.gif ??-??.gif After this is completed, follow the instructions you printed out to a T.

Configure your modem
This is the tricky part, and more up to the reader to do whatever you see fit to your setup. Information you need:
Authentication info (PPPOA/PPPoE login info)
Network Setup info
Access the modem at and configure away.

MSN 8.5 Information

MSN Browser

- Set a custom home page: Set any Web page you choose to be your new home page.

- Add Favorites to Favorites folder: Add new Favorites directly to folders in your Favorites list.

- Recently visited Web sites: Quickly go to the most recent Web sites you visited using the Address bar drop down list

MSN Mail

- Improved junk mail filtering: Customize the strength of the junk mail filter for your incoming messages, from light to extra strong.

- Block Internet images: Help protect your personal information by blocking Internet-based images used by spammers to invade your privacy.

- Filter e-mail by people I know: View only e-mail messages in your Inbox sent by people listed in your Address Book and your Safe List.

- Storage meter: Quickly and easily track what percentage of your allocated e-mail storage you're using.

- Multi-lingual spell check: Switch languages in Windows XP to spell-check your e-mail messages in different languages.

- Message size meter: See how large your e-mail messages are and learn how to reduce message sizes for better, faster sending and receiving.

- Save drafts for approval: Kids can now save e-mail messages to unapproved contacts directly to the drafts folder while awaiting approval from their parents.

MSN Calendar

- IntelliSync Support: Easily synchronize your events and contacts with Outlook and handheld devices directly from MSN Calendar and Address Book

Parental Controls

- Add new member accounts: Easily set up an account for a child, turn on parental controls, and customize the parental control settings.

- Improved access to parental controls: Go to parental controls directly from the Help & Settings menu.

- Approved contacts in Address Book: See which contacts parents have approved in the child's address book.

- Request new contacts in Address Book: Kids can quickly and easily add contacts to the address book and request approval from their parents.

MSN Dashboard

- Roaming Dashboard Settings: See your customized Dashboard when signing in to MSN on any computer.

Status and Support

- Detailed event logs: View event logs containing detailed information about connecting to MSN Services.

- MSN Support: Send e-mail and event logs directly to MSN Support, and link directly to the MSN Support site for the latest troubleshooting information.

-If they do not have a MSN CD they will need to get one before any work can be done with them for this error.
-If they do have a CD Reinstall MSN over itself.
-If reinstall doesn't work try internal update of MSN.
-If none of the above work, warm escilate to Level Three.

-Open the MSN software, click on connection settings, then add new location, at the dialing options screen where it says "need a number to reach an outside line" take out *70, and then put in 1888 no dashes or spaces.
-Click continue, let connect.
-After connecting go back to connection settings, click on make changes to this location and take out the 1888.
-If customer needs a *70, put it in at this time.
-If that doesn't work, then warm transfer to level 2 with approval.

-Instructions for fix are in KB article #821276

-Sign on => Click Help and Settings => Settings => Accessibility MSN Accessibility Mode Control => Mark the Radio button by On
If you have success using this fix or if it fails please email me ( the Ticket number, MID and whether it worked or not

-This has to do with case sensitivity of the password. Retype password.

-Clear Cookies, Cache and History, then Restore Defaults. Restart computer.


NOTE: CTRL-Shift-F12 will only work in MSN 8.5 if they have MSN Dialup selected.

-Sign on => Click Help and Settings => Settings => Email (left side, middle) => Email Options => Bottom Option: take check out of email error logging.

MSN 8.5 Phone Support - How to Have Customers Send In Their MSN 8.5 QoS Logs
When escalating to a higher level of support it is required that the agent attempt to obtain the QoS log from the customer. You must first save your ticket so that you will have the ticket number handy (note in the ticket that you are requesting the customer to send in their QoS log file), then instruct the customer to follow the steps below:
1) Open MSN 8.5
2) Click on Help & Settings
3) Click on Status and Support
4) Click on Connection
5) Towards the bottom right click on E-Mail Support. They will be presented with our data collection policy.
6) To continue click Yes. An email with an attachment will be generated.
7) Take the customers ticket number that you just generated and ask them to put the following in the subject line of that email: CST(ticket number)ID - Example: CST120059087ID
This is a preceding "CST", then the ticket number with a following "ID". This goes in the subject line as all one word. The email should look like this:
Subject: MSN Client Event Reporting CST120059087ID
Attachments: QOSLog.xml(34.4KB)
8) Then have the customer click Send Message
Agent Scripting:
Thank you for sending us that important diagnostic file. That file includes basic information about your PC and the versions of MSN related software running on it. It will help us further diagnose this issue. However it can take up to 20 minutes for us to receive that file so the next technician may not have immediate access to it. We appreciate your patience and assistance in troubleshooting this issue. Note: The Status & Support feature in MSN 8.5 is very useful in troubleshooting the customer's issue. The Status & Support page will help you identify problems quicker which will help you to find the Support Central articles faster. If you are unfamiliar as to how the Status & Support feature works, please refer to KB article MSN: The Status and Support Feature (818692)

Getting an MSN 8.5 CD... visit here:
Downloading Dellnet by MSN... visit here:

Duplicate Tile Issue
[NOTE: If they have Windows 98 or higher have them upgrade to MSN8. If they have Windows 95, then they need to be transferred to Tier 2 (with OPS approval). And they will complete the following steps.

-DUN-Create and connect
OPEN- MSN Explorer.
-NEW-Add User
ACTIVE-Type the user name and password for the account
SELECT "I have an e-mail address"
ACTIVE-Type the user name and password for the account
HELP- And Settings
CHANGE- how to connect to the Internet
MSN- dial-up Internet Access
VERIFY- the dialing options
SELECT Use beside each local access number
DUN-Delete it

[NOTE: For Duplicate Tiles in MSN8 perform the CTRL-SHFT-F11 command after reading the disclaimer below:]


L1 agents may use Ctrl-Shft-F11 to remove accounts in MSN 8 if the following script is read beforehand:

"Warning: You are about to remove all of your MSN account information from this computer. Your MSN Dialing information, all member accounts, and any e-mail you have saved on this computer will be deleted. You will not be able to retrieve your deleted e-mail, and you will have to go through MSN sign-up again if you want to use your MSN account on this computer. Are you sure you want to remove all of your account information?"

To save archived e-mail they can go to:
Or they can view the article Q293109

Other Information
General Information
Poblems Connecting use Int String:
Conexant: AT&F+ms=v34
Lucent: AT-v90=0

Cipher strength check
No DUN numbers

Repair IE in XP  Click Start, Run, then type: sfc /scannow
Archived Mail  KB articale 293109 - Archived Mail

Applications to have open
New Help Page
CG Support
Support Central Home

Check Time

- Date/Time issue: Usually regenerating their account will fix the Date/Time issue.

Chef Wizard Link

- If you're having MSN 8 issues with all windows but XP, refer the cust to Windows Update by clicking on Start, Windows Update. MSN 8 was designed for XP and so critical patches and updates are needed with all other versions of >Windows and with Windows 2k.
- If your having browsing issues and the regsrv32 softpub.dll, cache and cookies cleared, diff access numbers tried, and network stack checked, then refer to OEM for winsock file.
- If you can't add user or have issues with MSN 8 and XP, a new XP profile will fix the problem everytime. You ARE allowed to do this at L1 as long as you don't delete the old user admin profile.

Archiving E-mail

- Create a folder on the desktop and keep it open.
- Sign into MSN (work in offline mode if only one phone line).
- Select all e-mails from the "Folders on My Computer" folders and click and drag them to the folder previously created on the desktop.

Support Central Links

Manually setting up http account in OE

Go to Tools, then Accounts. Select Add, then choose MAIL. Enter the display name. Click Next, then select "I already have an e-mail address that I’d like to use" and enter the full MSN email address. Click Next. Choose "My incoming mail server is an HTTP server, and "My HTTP mail service provider is Other". For the Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) server: type:
. Click Next, then enter the full MSN e-mail address in the "Account Name" field. Enter the MSN password and select "Remember Password", then click Next, then Finish. Select Send/Receive and Outlook will ask customer if they want to download their present folders. Click Yes.

Spell Check Unavailable
If their spell check is unavailable they need to update to Office 97; but we refer them to their OEM.

Klez Fix
For the Klez fix direct customers to the Symantec page (
For more klez virus strains and information clickHere

Windows XP

Pick up Phone to Dial in

This is in XP, but I think it might work in any Dial up networking window as well.
- Click on Start and choose "Connect To"
- If you don't have "Connect To", then go to the Conrol panel, switch to classic view, and click on Network Connections.
- Click "Show all Connections", then click on the "Advanced" tab.
- Uncheck "Operated Assisted".

MSN8 Setup fails finishing

To solve this you need to make a new Administrative account. See KB Article:
"How to create an Administrator Account in Windows XP (812716)"

Knocked out modem drivers

If you get any calls where they have Win XP and you repop due to connection issues by clicking Conn Settings, change how to connect to internet, and there's only ONE option for broadband or LAN, Lauren needs the ticket number. The XP update knocked out their modem drivers so they will have to call their OEM to fix the drivers.

Un/Reinstalling Comm Suite & Network Components

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
netsh int ip reset nul

This should only very briefly flash up a screen. And that's all it does. This can also be fixed by adding/removing accessibility options in the windows components section of Add/Remove Programs in Win XP.

Date Time Issue with Win XP

Error message- unable to connect to the sign in server, please make sure computer's date and time are set correctly, this is needed in order to transmit your password securely.
1) 2 ways to get to connections.
a) Click on start, connect to, show all connections.
b) Go to my network places, right click and go to properties.
2) Right click on MSN Explorer connectiod (or connectiod set with firewall settings) and click on properties.
3) Click on advanced tab.
4) Put checks mark in firewall box (or make sure that the check mark is there).
5) Click on the settings button on the bottom of the page.
6) Click on ICMP tab.
7) Put a check mark in " allow incoming time stamp request" box.
8) Click ok, and then ok again.
9) Sign in.

Windows ME


Windows 2000


Windows 98


Windows 95

MSN 8 cannot be used with Windows 95.
Windows 95 users can still download MSN Explorer 7 from:
They can also download Internet Explorer 5.5 from:
Also, they cannot be referred to their OEM anymore. You need to refer them to

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