The Lost Tapes: Volume 1 cover

The Lost Tapes: Volume 2 cover

The Lost Tapes
The Bang Masters
and Previously Unreleased Takes

Movie Play Gold, Portugal
(Released 1992)

Disc 1
Bang Masters:
1. Spanish Rose (3:52)
2. Chick-A-Boom (3:12)
3. The Smile You Smile (2:54)
4. It's Alright (4:58)
5. T.B. Sheets (9:36)
6. Beside You (6:05)
7. I Love You (2:22)
8. Send Your Mind (2:52)
9. Brown Eyed Girl (3:40)

Unreleased Takes:
10. Twist and Shake (1:11)
11. Shake and Roll (0:53)
12. Stomp and Scream (1:05)
13. Scream and Holler (1:13)
14. Jump and Thump (1:04)
15. Drivin' Wheel (1:09)
16. Just Ball (0:57)
17. Shake It Mable (1:09)
18. Hold On George (1:26)
19. The Big Royalty Check (1:32)
20. Ring Worm (1:28)
21. Savoy Hollywood (0:56)
22. Freaky If You Got This Far (1:01)
23. Up Your Mind (1:08)
24. Thirty Two (0:54)
25. All The Bits (0:53)

Disc 2
Bang Masters:
1. Brown Eyed Girl (3:03)
2. Goodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye) (2:57)
3. Ro Ro Rosey (3:03)
4. The Back Room (5:30)
5. Midnight Special (2:45)
6. He Ain't Give You None (5:50)
7. Who Drove The Red Sports Car (5:39)
8. Joe Harper Saturday Morning (4:15)
9. Madame George (5:17)

Unreleased Takes:
10. You Say France And I Whistle (0:50)
11. Blow In Your Nose (1:21)
12. Nose In Your Blow (0:59)
13. La Mambo (0:48)
14. Go For Yourself (1:16)
15. Want A Danish (1:02)
16. Here Comes Dumb George (0:51)
17. Chickee Coo (1:07)
18. Do It (0:58)
19. Hang On Groovy (0:53)
20. Goodbye George (1:14)
21. Dum Dum George (1:23)
22. Walk and Talk (1:03)
23. The Wobble (1:00)
24. Wobble and Ball (1:04)

Part of Van's Bang material, an overview of which is available here. This set has also been released under the name Payin' Dues on the Charly label, and as Van Morrison New York Sessions '67 in two different releases with different booklets (see below). One is a 2 CD version on Lost Gold Records out of London, on which Disk 2 is titled "Jamming Sessions", and consists of what are called the "Unreleased Takes" above. There's also a single CD version on Eagle Records titled Van Morrison: the Masters, with a few of the "Unreleased Takes" filling out the 74 mins. Yet another incarnation has appeared under the name Brown-Eyed Beginnings on the M.I.L. Multimedia label - again, a 2-disc set with "Jamming Session" on Disc 2 (see below). And more recently still, what appears to be yet another 2-CD version titled Van Morrison Millenium Collection.

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New York Sessions '67 cover

New York Sessions '67 - version 1

New York Sessions '67 cover

New York Sessions '67 - version 2

The Masters cover

Van Morrison: the Masters

Brown-Eyed Beginnings cover

Brown-Eyed Beginnings

Review by Scott Thomas:
While the first of the two discs is a poor man's The Bang Masters, the second disc contains short bursts of vindictive nonsense that Van recorded to get out of his Bang contract after Burns died; an acoustic precursor to Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music.

Review from Ric Kabat:
These two discs include the songs released on Blowin' Your Mind, TB Sheets, and Bang Masters plus all the outtakes. The unreleased takes are the recordings Van Morrison made after Bert Burns died in order to satisfy the Bang contract and move on to Warner Brothers. Unless one is determined to have everything that Van ever recorded, I wouldn't recomend them.

Additional note from Kevin A. Foss:
[This collection] is missing the one track on TB Sheets that was not reproduced on Bang Masters, namely the original "He Ain't Give You None."

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