*Coal Mine Banovici, normal & 760 mm gauge

Coalmine Banovici is the last piece of Bosnian network gauge 760 mm still in use. 5 km of double track connected normal station Oskova to station Grivice. Two classics, ex Yugoslav class 83(83-158 &181) are still in use as well as three Skoda classes 25 (25-30, 25-31 & 25-33). Also   at this location can be seen three ex JZ diesel locomotives class 740.

On normal gauge station Oskova steam locomotives still shunting, locomotives are: 62-125, 62-677 and Skoda 19-13 (0-6-0 T 19131948).


A full day visiting coal mine Banovici includes a special charter with class 83 and freight train (with old JZ wagons or standard coal freight train) on whole line with foto stops, same train with class 25 and train with diesel class 740, class 720 shunting at station Grivice, visiting depot and workshop, visiting open coal mine where big lories are working (150 tons trucks), visiting under grown coal mine with gauge 600 mm (no working locos) and entering coal mine with full coal miners equipment, taking pictures on normal gauge station with working steam locos class 62! This program can last also two days with taking pictures of working loco of class 62 at coal mine Djurdjevik near Banovici.

83-159            Skoda 25-31


83-159 station Grivice (Banovici)                       Skoda 25-31, station Oskova August 2000.


Mix, normal and 760 mm

Mix, normal and 760 mm, station Oskova


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