Kelly Nickels

1987-1996, 1999-2000
Kelly Nickels, 2006
Kelly  started out in a band called Sweet Pain in New York, and he released one album with them in 1985.  He was also in bands called Virgin Steele & Angels in Vain in the mid-1980's.  After Sweet Pain called it a day, he joined Faster Pussycat.  Kelly was in Faster Pussycat right before they got signed to Elektra Records, and had left the band for LA Guns in mid 1987.  He may have been replaced (in Faster Pussycat) due to an injury suffered in a motorcycle accident.  Kelly was in another motorcycle accident around the time that "Cocked & Loaded" was released, which made him have to walk with a cane for awhile.  Kelly joined LA Guns when Phil had been hired to replace Paul Black and Mick had switched to guitar.  Kelly remained in LA Guns for their successful years, and left the band shortly after Mick and Phil.  On the "Vicious Circle" album, he sang on the song "nothing better to do" as well as singing a cover of Judas Priest's "breaking the law" at a few live concerts.  Kelly had remained in the new LA Guns with Chris Van Dahl & Johnny Crypt, but left the band before their initial tour in early 1996.  Kelly also replaced Sean Beavan in Burning Retna (with Mick Cripps) in 1994-95 for a short time.  In 1997, he recorded a few cover songs for the Hollywood Rehearsal album with Mick and Phil.  Kelly then basically left the music scene.  For a few years after LA Guns, he worked in computer graphics.   

In early 1999, he recorded the Greatest Hits & Black Beauties album with LA Guns and in the fall of that year reunited with the band for the reunion tour.  Kelly remained in the band until mid-2000, when he left the band and music again, basically for forever.  He has made a few guest appearances at some southern California LA Guns shows since departing the band but shows no interest in being in the band.  Since then, Kelly worked in the porn industry as the guy who blacks-out body parts for print advertisements (although he no longer does this).  Kelly is now living life and spending time with his family.  Kelly is married to Kelly Cunningham, who is the mother of actress Emma Roberts.  Kelly Nickels' birthday is January 5.   

Kelly is featured on the following LA Guns releases: LA Guns, Cocked & Loaded, Hollywood Vampires, Live Vampires (EP), Cuts (EP), Vicious Circle, Hollywood-a-Go-Go (best of), Hollywood Rehearsal, Greatest Hits & Black Beauties/The Very Best Of, A Night On The Strip/Live Ammo, Cocked & Re-Loaded/Rip & Tear, Ultimate LA Guns/Golden Bullets, Winning Combinations (with Cinderella), 20th Century Masters, Love Peace & Geese (home video), & One More Reason (home video), Hollywood Raw, & The Very Best of LA Guns.  Kelly is also featured on Sweet Pain's long out-of-print self-titled 1985 album