Trish from Oz

Hey there now, do you have my genes?

If you have a connection to the surnames Prendergast or Gough 

in Tipperary or Waterford or

  Knight, Cowlyn or Collis in the UK ..................please email me

This website is dedicated to the memory of my two grandmothers, Bridget Prendergast and Emily Susan Knight (nee Cowlyn)  I never knew Bridget - she died 3 years before I was born, but in researching  her family history I have come to learn a little about the hard life she had - May God Rest her Soul-

I have very fond memories of grandma Emily Susan Knight - for me she epitomises what a grandma should be

Prendergast History 

A Tribute to Our Mum 

Knight  History 



Greetings folks and a very warm welcome to my web site!      

Deep peace of the running waves to you.
Deep peace of the flowing air to you.
Deep peace of the smiling stars to you.
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you.
Deep peace of the watching shepherds to you.
Deep peace of the Son of Peace to you

Introducing Trish from Oz

So, who am I ?

I'm Trish, a '50-ish year old'  lady, looking to leave my mark on the web. I am the youngest daughter of Tom & Dolly Prendergast (nee Knight). My husband Trevor and I have three adult children and two beautiful grand daughters.  I work part time in an administrative position.

My father was a proud Irishman born in Tipperary (well just, it was right on the Waterford/Tipperary border), my mother a 'cockney' from the East End of London, the majority of my siblings were born in London - my late sister Eileen and I were 'ozzie born' the convicts of the family.
Pictured are Tom & Dolly Prendergast (Dad & Mum)

What am I doing on the web?

I created a web page originally to help with my quest to find my Irish Heritage.  Having had some success with that I've now extended this to search for my 'pommy' heritage. 

Cheers and Best Wishes





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