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Hello fellow trekkers,

June 2,, 2009 will be the scheduling meeting. It will be at Del Valle Regional Park after the hike.

November 1.  Added a Hike leader's guide page.  This has templates for leading hikes and sample monthly schedule.
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May 26, 2009.  Alum Rock Park. Rich leads us on this "History Rich" walk.  Click here to view pictures by Jim and  Ed .
May 12, 2009. Black Diamond Mine.  A steep rocky section lead us through some wonderfull areas.
Leaders:  Pauline and Louise
Photos:  Althea
April 28, 2009.  Diablo Foothills and Borges Ranch.  A glimpse of Castle Rock and farm aniimals at the Ranch.
Leader: Ed                Photos: Jim (left),  Ed (right)
April 21, 2009. Sunol, Flag Hill. A good turnout on an unseasonally hot day. But we are awarded with great views and butterflies.
Leader: Faye           Photos: Ed
April 14, 2009.  Round Valley Regional Preserve. The Trekkers visit Round Valley for the first time and are rewarded with fabulous views.
Leader:  Rich.
Photos:  Jim (left), Althea(center), Ed(right)
April 7, 2009. Joaquin Miller Park. Oakland.  Matt shows us many of Joaquin Miller's artifacts in this nice park.
Leader: Matt.  Photos: Ed
March 17, 2009. Land's End, San Francisco. Beautiful trip and pictures.
Leader: Rich and Faye  Photos: Althea
March 24, 2009. Coyote Hills, Fremont.  A great day. We see a Golden Eagle eating its prey.
Leader: Dan.  Photos:  Althea (left),  Ed (right)
February 17, 2009. Fairmont Ridge, Castro Valley. A nice sunny day in the middle of a rainy week. 
Leader: Matt
Photos:  Althea
March 10, 2009.  Windemere, San Ramon. A suburban walk and we spot this fearless hawk.
Leader: Ed,         Photos: Ed
Feb. 24, 2009 Lafayette Resevoir.
Leader: Pat
Mar. 3, 2009.  Alamo Creek Trail
Leader: Ron        Photos: Althea
January 20, 2009. Martinez Shoreline. We had a two part walk.  Morning in Martinez Shoreline and afternoon in the hillls.   Althea is back with some nice pics. Leader:  Ed.  Photos: Althea.
Click here for our
February 3, 2009.  Pauline, Louise, and Joyce lead the group to SF MOMA, Coit Tower, interesting neighborhoods and stairs.
Photos:  Althea
January 27, 2009.  Chabot Regional Park, Bort Meadows.  We start from a Redwood Rd. trailhead and cross the valley to Skyline Blvd.  Leader: Ron.
Photos: Althea