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Hi! My name is Tom, or Tom1300 if your in the Chat Room [The Nest!].

This is my first attempt at a webpage so please put up with my construction.

You will find links to my interests below.

One link is of my "Hand-Cut Wooden Silhouettes" page and also information about the "Woodworkers Web Ring", or the "Scrollsawing Web Ring" both of which I belong to!

Another link is of my "66 Impala Super Sport" I restored! I also belong to the "All Chevy Webring" and the "Chevy Power WebRing". If you like Chevrolets, you'll find alot of pictures & stories on these webrings! I think you'll find these interesting to say the least.

The other one is of my "Firefighting" page! This page is of the South Lebanon Twp. Fire Department, of which I am an Asst. Chief of Station 27. There are links to all four[4] stations and also to a page I made of a fire we had in the beginning of Dec. 1997. It's called "Smoking & Smoke Detectors". I think you will enjoy this one!

I'm also working on a "Family Page" with pictures of our family trips and activities!

Then there is a page for our Cocker Spaniel! It's called "TUBBY Our Cocker Spaniel Page" Yes he is spoiled rotten, but isn't that what pets are for? To be loved and spoiled? Think you might enjoy this page. Just don't think we're crazy! Ha-Ha!

I would also ask you to take a minute of your time to please sign my "Guest Book". Your comments are important, whether good or bad! Again, Thank You! and WELCOME to my home page

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Firefighting Page

Restored 1966 Impala SS Page

Hand-Cut Wooden Silhouette Page

The Myers' Family Page

TUBBY Our Cocker Spaniel Page

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If you have an interest in Civil War facts and some personal history,& letters, check out my friends Home Page...

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