Class descriptions

Descriptions of Classes

Ashtanga Yoga and Primary Series Practice

Classes titled "primary series" specifically follow a sequence of 72
postures, usually a 2 hour time slot.  Classes called "Ashtanga" are
shorter, and use the "modified primary series" which is a shorter 
version of the Full Primary Series with modifications and variations 
for begginers and intermediate practitioners.  The practice of 
Ashtanga yoga utilizes a powerful breathing technique and linked 
postures, called vinyasa, to build heat in the body.  Usually includes
mantras and breathing exercises.  Room is heated to 80 or 85 degrees.  
These classes are very rigorous.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

These classes are based on Ashtanga Yoga, but do not follow such 
strict sequencing.  I generally teach Ashtanga Vinyasa classes in a flow
style, called vinyasa, to build heat.  Excellent classes to segue into
Ashtanga Yoga for those who find the practice too demanding.  I tailor
these classes to meet the needs of the students; working on poses to 
improve overall flexibility and strength.  The room is usually heated 
to 80 or 85 degrees.  These classes are rigorous.

Yoga Basics (Iyengar) Yoga

These classes focus on very specific physical alignment in the postures.
Props such as blocks, straps and bolsters are very commonly used to 
assist in postures.  Classic yoga postures are introduced and detailed;
strong focus on the connection between breath and movement.  Specific 
breathing techniques and meditation are introduced after some exprience 
with postures. These classes are mild.

Pilates/Yoga Combination Classes

Pilates is a workout targeting the abdomen, low back, and hips, 
sometimes collectively referred to as the “powerhouse” or “core”.  
These classes include leg lifts, crunches, torso stabilization exercises,
and traditional Pilates exercises combined with yoga postures to increase
flexibility.  Provides a full body strengthening, and stretching routine.
These classes vary form mild to rigorous.

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