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February 7th 2004

No buddies, I haven't dissapeared. Only I was working a bit on the site, but not too much. Well, at least I'm back! ^_^

I have a new affiliate, Downtown Dreamland (greetings to MetaWarp, the Webmaster). You can access to his site clicking on this link button:


Downtown Dreamland


Also I have new sections, like History or Links. I recommend that you should check it out the info of the History section (although it isn't completed, you can, at least, check the beginning of the story). Maybe it's one of the best sections of the site. Err, and also the Links section, of course! ^_^ Also I added a link from Neopets, an excellent virtual pets site. Check it out Neopets too (you can access to the site clicking on the next pic) ^_^

aimshoot got their Neopet at

November 24th 2003

Yay, today it's my birthday! I'm so happy. I'm making a new review for this site. What game is? Ooooh, I can't say the title, it's a surprise! ^_^

Updates? Nothing interesant, only the silver and gradient titles. I'm planning to make some title pics for the site.

November 16th 2003

I make a new layout for the site. I didn't like the previous one, so I make a new one. It was so hard, but I hope that you like it! ^_^

I also added the reviews section with Golden Sun - The Lost Age as first review. Check it out!

October 16th 2003

Welcome to Trolly XP, where the solutions about your problems it's here! This site it's related about Nintendo Nintendo, where you can see the history, the games, the consoles, and also reviews, guides and much more! You can participate on one of this sections, for example, sending a review or guides. There are so many sections, but there are under construction, so finish all the sections requires time and patience.

In any case, enjoy and welcome to Trolly XP!

Trolly XP 2003 - Nintendo and all related characters are Copyright of Nintendo. This site (including the layout) it's made by Trolly. Don't take anything of this site without the permission of Trolly.