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Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council sell cookies
from January 27, 2001 until March 26th, 2001!

Troops will be selling cookies to fund their trips, supplies, and programs.
Door-to-door sales and booth sales are allowed,
but NO sales over the internet (sorry)!

ABC Official Girl Scout Cookie Bakers
is the company that bakes the girl scout cookies for this region,
and they have eight great cookies to sell:

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Caramel deLites

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Peanut Butter


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  • Caramel deLites - Delicate vanilla cookies drenched in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and laced with dark cocoa stripes.

  • Peanut Butter Patties - Crispy vanilla cookies layered with real peanut butter and blanketed with a chocolaty coating.

  • Shortbread - This sumptuous shortbread is a traditional favorite with a buttery, light flavor that tastes great.

  • Thin Mints - Thin chocolate wafers dipped in a rich chocolaty coating with a burst of pure peppermint oil.

  • Peanut Butter Sandwich - Deliciously smooth peanut butter sandwiched between crunchy oatmeal cookies.

  • Lemon Pastry Cremes - A great combination of tangy lemon creme and lightly glazed pastry cookies that are reduced fat!

  • Upside-Down Frosted Oatmeal - Luscious oatmeal treats with sweet sugar frosting on the bottom.

  • Animal Treasures - Mouth-watering shortbread cookies dipped in rich fudge and embossed with endangered animals.

This year each box of cookies will cost $3.00.
Each troop earns 60-70 cents per box,
depending on how many total boxes they sell.

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Peanut Butter

mint2.gif (10481 bytes)
Thin Mints

pastrylemon.gif (10482 bytes)
Lemon Pastry

treasure.gif (15896 bytes)
Animal Treasures

Girl Scout cookies are only around once a year so stock up now!
Visit any of your local grocery stores on the weekend during March,
and you'll find a troop selling cookies!
Girl Scout cookies freeze well too!

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