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The purpose of this page is to help me remember all the web pages I've created.  You can get to all of them from here.  Enjoy!
My "Leader Guide" page -- where I've put all kinds of stuff that may help other Girl Scout leaders.  A lot of the links below that would relate to Girl Scout leaders are all listed on this page.

Leader Guide - A hand outf we give out to Girl Scout Leaders in my Service Unit to help them figure out what's what.

Who Wants to be a Girl Scout?  Based on the TV game with Girl Scout Q's and A's

Troop Letter...kind of our "troop policy" letter that we publish in the fall of each year.

Travelling tp Savannah...see what we did, benefit from our mistakes and the great things we did.  This page is meant to be a "how to" type guide to set you YOUR trip.

The "memory pages" of our troop trip to Savannah, with photos and personal stuff.

A bunch of Girl Scout leaders who met on the internet met up in Gettysburg, PA in the summer of 2000.  This is a page of mainly photos from that gathering.

I am a co-director for a Girl Scout Summer Day Camp.  We've had a Harry Potter theme for the past 3 years.  Here's a page with our ideas on how we make the tie-ins.

I do a training in our council on "Creative Ways to Hand Out Badges and Patches" (or -- "Beyond Ziploc Baggies")  You can read our handout here with all the ideas we collected.

I run our Service Unit Encampment, and we have a pretty standardized handout for how we run our Encampment.  You can read a sanitized version here.

I do a training in our council on "Exploring the Internet".  You can get an idea of what I present from my course outline here.

When I was a Brownie Leader (YEARS ago), our troop gave my co-leader and I a very special quilt as a thank you at the end of the year.  You can see the quilt here.

This is my OLD links page.  I last updated it in Feb, 1999.  I don't plan to update it again.  It's got a lot of broken links on it.  However, there are still some good ones, too.

My favorite other links:
My Council (GSC of the Nation's Capital)

Resource Sites:
Leader's Landing
Scouting Links
Scouting Web
Girl Scout Leader Emporium
Scouting File Cabinet
Scout Village
Service Unit Manager Resources
WAGGGS-L List Member Favorites
The Guide Zone
Jenefer's Junior Badge Worksheets

Specific Stuff:
Troop Crest Traditional Meanings
Troop Crest Graphics


Flying Pig Campfire Songbook
Graces (with music files)

Girl Scout Jeopardy

Camping Tips and Hints

WAGGGS-L Cyber Cookbook

You may be a green neck...