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Patriotic Tunes

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Patriotic Tunes

Yankee Doodle American Patrol
Anchors Aweigh
Marine Hymn
Battle Hymn of the Republic
God Bless America
Grand Ol' Flag
The Green Baret
Hail to the Cheif
Liberty Bell March
When the Saints go Marching
Semper Paratus
The Coast Guard Anthem
Star Spangled Banner
Stars and Stripes Forever
The Caissons Go Rolling Along
The Army Anthem
My Country Tis of Thee
Turkey in the Straw
United States Armed Forces Melody
United States Field Artillary March
1812 Overture
Amazing Grace
America the Beautiful

Patriotic Mixes

American Patriotic Medley
American Trilogy
Author: Elvis Presley
Patriotic Tunes