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Salem, N.H.

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Welcome to the home of Boy Scout Troop 409 from Salem, N.H.  We are a very active troop and have much on our web site.  Feel free to bookmark this site and come back to visit us often.  If you are a member of our troop, please bookmark the site to keep up to date between Troop meetings.  Send any feedback on the site to the Webmaster.

Troop 409 is in the Arrowhead District  of the Daniel Webster Council.  We meet at the Barron School in Salem each Tuesday at 7:15pm.

Many Thanks go to Stachey's Pizza in Salem, NH

On 7/27/05, Stachey's Pizza donated 7 large pizzas for the scouts of Troop 409 for our dinner at Boy Scout Summer Camp.  We are deeply grateful.  When the pizza arrived at camp, within minutes the thunder and lightening began and the sky's opened up on the campsite.  Huddled in 2 screen tents, the boys enjoyed the delicious pizza and filled their bellies.  As a family of Troop 409, please make every effort to plan a meal at Stachey's over the next few weeks.  Please thank Terry and let him know you appreciate the donation.

  Adult Leadership


      Don Bohnwagner Sr.   


Assistant Scoutmasters: 

      Rich Bohnwagner

      Steve Bohnwagner

      Jeff Gilman

      John Joyal

      Mike Mitchell

      Steve Morris

      Dennis Bryer

      Dave Stone

      John Les

      Jim Morris

      Jon Viau


      Our Committee Chairperson is Donna Viau.     

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.”

  – Vincent T. Lombardi

Speak Up!

  Send an email to Mr. Bohnwagner Sr. 

A note from the Webmaster:

If you have something you would like to post to this web site, please send it to meOur web site is always in the process of being updated.    


Last Updated: 09/14/2005

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