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Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital
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Food for the next meeting hasn't been determined yet.
Welcome to the webpage for GSCNC Senior Troop 4445. If you're in our troop you can check the blog to see what we've done at past meetings and find out what we're planning for upcomming meetings. If you're not in our troop you can find out more about us.

Troop 4445 is a group of six girls who represent five families, three schools, two grades, and one common interest- Girl Scouting! We all have a lot on our plates with school and other activities, but we make sure that we have time to get together at least once a month to focus on Girl Scouting.

Our Next Meeting
We meet the first Wednesday of every month, from 6:30 to 8:30 at Connie's house. Our next meeting is November 5.

Gold Award
Work on your IPs and let Connie know what focus book you would like to earn. Check the page for more info.

Look at what
Charlotte and Meghan did for IP work towards the Fashion to Fitness IP!
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Packing List

Contact Our Leader
Connie Cantrell
Questions about the webpage? Contact Meghan