Primering & More Bodywork
Interior Rust Prevention
This is the initial mist coat of white PCL build-up primer.
Two wet coats of primer applied to the left rear quarter panel.

When it was wet, I noticed a small dent that needed fixing.  Easy to do...
Primer applied to inside of the trunk.

The amount of overspray caused the surface to be rough.  It'll sand out nicely and I'll try a wetter coat of primer next round!
Fitting the Rear Valance Panel
Test fit of repo rear valance panel (with GT exhaust holes) before fitting to rear quarters.

To get the valance to line up correctly, I had to make the existing holes oblong, shifting the whole valance panel to the right about two mm.
The repo valance panel had beautiful lines but they didn't match either rear quarter.

Here's the left rear quarter.
The right rear quarter fit was much better but the gaps were too large.
The re-worked left rear quarter.  Re-contouring the smooth spherical portion of the rear valance will be a pain but the parting line between the rear quarter and the valance look pretty good.

This took me about an hour to rework.  Tightening down on the hidden lower attach point will "pull in" the lines much closer, matching the right side.
The re-worked right rear quarter.  This was alot easier to contour the lines.  However, I had to drill a new hole in the rear quarter for the hidden lower attachment.
In "Primering & More Bodywork - Part II", I'll show you more steps in getting Woosie ready for paint
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