Rust Prevention & Bodywork
Interior Rust Prevention
I spent most of an afternoon using the vacuum cleaner to pick up sand from sandblasting.  It was ALL OVER!!

I then cleaned the floorpans with TSP solution and applied red Rust Enscapsulator.
Here's a view of the front floorpans.  I painted Rust Encapsulator all the way up the firewall and underneath the dash, since I cut out the cowl vents.  You can definitely tell I cut out metal and replaced it with something else - the lap joints were haphazard.
Bodywork on the Unibody
My first attempt at replacing the roof/body seam sealer.  I had to re-apply Rust Encapsulator and re-fill any remaining seam sealer voids the following week.
Left "C" pillar bodywork.  Most of the work in the corner is the result of me re-welding the pillar together again.  There was a crack at that joint.
Right "C" pillar bodywork.  Really not to much to do!
This illustrates nearly ALL the bodywork needed on the Left Rear Quarter panel.  I didn't notice one more small dent near the door until after I applied primer.
At one time, the left rear quarter was smashed up in an accident, and this panel was not replace.  I simply cannot get it fully straight, but most of the "waviness" will be covered by the fuel filler cap.  It'll look just fine.
In "Primering & More Bodywork", I'll show you the next steps in getting Woosie ready for paint
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