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Page Titles:
Decide on the titles to appear at the top of each of your pages, generally a very brief description of what will be on that page.

Up to 250 words/page.  Be sure to mark where bullets go, if appropriate. Type in "bullet" within the text to signify the bullet location.

Decide on the pictures that will go on any of the pages.  One picture per page only is recommended.

  • Will you need all or additional pics scanned for you? Be sure to include your name and email address with any pictures sent for scanning.  I will return the pics to you when you send a self-addressed stamped envelope with the appropriate postage.
  • If you elect to have titles placed over each picture on your web site, think of the titles.
  • You may choose to have text under each picture that describes the picture.  Think of how you would like it to read.
  • Assign which pictures go on which pages.

Buttons & Titles:
Select the titles of the buttons that will link your pages together, generally 1 to 3 words describing that page's content.   Remember, the one that links back to the first page of your web site is most commonly labeled"Home."

Sound Files:
You can elect to have a background sound on your Page(s). If you have a sound file, it should be in a .mid or .wav format. If you do not have a sound file, I can furnish you one for free.

Decide if you would like the sound to play on every page of your site or just the Home page, remembering that sounds files can drastically increase the download time for the page.  The samples listed here are proprietary and copyrighted by their respective owners. 

Livin' La Vida Loca    I Want You Back   Hero

Stone   The Rose   Amazing Grace

McArthur Park   Butterfly Kisses

If you would like to have links to other pages on the Internet, get them together.  If you would like the links to have a brief description, provide the title for the link or by default, the link will be the description.

Guest Books:
Guest Books are for your visitors to let you (and everyone else) know that they were there.  It is a fun way for you to know what people think of your site.

Would you like a counter on your Home Page?  If so, let me know, and I will place one there for you.  It will be a small area at the bottom of the Home Page that counts how many times the page has been accessed by anyone over the Internet.

Lastly, you need to decide whether you would like for me to publish your web page for you to your ISP or email you the files and/or furnish them on a 3.5 disk and you would contact your ISP and publish it yourself.

You may check the list of the Accredited Registrar Directory at Internic for registration of your own domain name ( or you may choose a free domain such as: AngelFire or Geocities/Yahoo!

A web page usually is approximately the same as a letter sized paper (8.5 x 11).

Unless you specify, your website will be registered with Yahoo! Infoseek and Excite

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