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The Little Mermaid
Welcome to the homepage for the Little Mermaid Roleplaying Game and discussion group! Please review this page before signing up.
Character List:

Ariel: Amy
Prince Eric:
Flounder: Lourdes
Scuttle: Kemi
Pearl: Katie
Dylan: Jerry
Coral: Melissa Riley
Mrs. Fin (school principal):
(For info on friends, family and the school principal,
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Ariel's Family:

King Triton: Princess Blue
Aquata: Gen
Andrina: Princess Blue
Attina: Gen
Adella: Jeed
Arista: Amy
Alana: Katie
(note: If you play one of Ariel's sisters, it's best to click
here for info.)

Bad Guys:

Ursula (The Seawitch): Princess Blue
Morgana (Ursula's sister): Hannah
Undertoe (Morgana's sidekick)  :
Lobster Mobster:
Evil Manta:
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Other characters:

Sir Grimsby:
Eric's Maid:
The Chef From Eric's Castle (Louie): Kemi
Ariel And Flounder
1) Please try and post. We know people have lives, so no time limit is given. All we ask is that you post for the character you choose to play.

2) Do not make any decisions for other players' characters. Try to communicate with the people you interact with. This may not be a problem in this particular RPG, but it has become one in others I have played in. Just try and keep good comunication. If you have a storyline that involves another person's character, please let them know of your plans.

3) Absolutely
NO PROFANITY! They didn't use it in the movie or on the TV show, so why use it here? Let's keep this a clean list!

4) No killing off main characters.

5) Have fun! This list is also open for discussion about The Little Mermaid, so if you don't want to roleplay, you can always talk with fellow fans.
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I would like to thank Amy for providing the pics that are on this page.