Chapter 10:

                  :: Brian and Brie ::

“Well, we just have to stay here at my house,” Brian said, “I'm sure Katie & Nick will be fine.”
“Maybe too fine.”  Brie said nervously.
“What do you mean?” Brian questioned her.
“Brian, you know they still have feelings for each other.”
“Yeah, but they love us much more.”
“I'm not too sure about Nick...I think he would leave me for her.”
“What do u think will happen tonight between them?”
“Uhmm,” Brie told him, “a whole bunch of stuff that will ruin our relationships.”
“Oh no,” Brian answered back, “I don't think that would happen. They haven't been getting along lately...and one night isn't gonna change that.”
“Never say never, Brian. Nick has nothing but love for her...I can see it in his eyes everytime he sees or hears her name. And a stormy night, like this, can make people do strange things.”
“Like what?” Brian questioned her.
“Like this,” she approached him, “for instance...”

  Brie leaned over and kisses Brian. Brian immediately pushes her back and stares at her but out of nowhere kisses her back.

“What did we just do? We were sitting here talking Nick and Katie...and we do this!” Brian said angrily.
“Brian,” Brie said all softly, “Don't be upset. I just had an impulse...I guess, just to beat Katie and Nick to it.”
“It's not only your fault...I kissed you back also,” Brian said as he lowered his head, “What was I thinking? I guess I got the same picture you did...of Katie and Nick. But that's no excuse.”
“Brian, don't beat yourself up over this. It was an accident,” Brie reassured him, “and it's not going to happen again.”
“Oh, Brian firmly stated, it definitely isn't going to happen again...not that you're not a nice person or anything...But I love her.”
“I know you do Brian,” Brie smiled, “and I understand completely.”
“Good, cuz I feel terrible about this. She means the world to me and now I may have ruined her trust in me.”
“Brian, she doesn't have to find out. It can just be our little secret.”
“Oh, I dunno...we have such an honest & open relationship and I hate to lie to her.”
“You may have to just this once,” Brie tried to convince Brian, “because if she finds out...she'll be heartbroken.”
“That's what I am afraid of,” Brian looked at Brie, “I never want to make her cry. I wanna see her smile...that beautiful smile. God, I miss that smile right now and how I wish we could sit and hold each other throughout the storm.”
“Oh Brian,” Brie said all upset, “I am so sorry. You should have never gone to the store with me! You could be with Katie right now.”
“Don't be silly,” Brian reassured her now, “you couldn't go alone with this weather approaching. Plus, time apart for Katie and I could do us some good even though I miss her.”
“Why don't we try to call them?” Brie suggested right as the lights went out.
   “...Brian? Where are you?”
“Right here,” Brian yelled as he reached out his hand, “here's a flashlight.”
“Thanks,” Brie said as she turned it on, “but now the phones are out.”
“Let me try my cell,” Brian said as he dialed, “It's not working either!”
“Oh well,” Brie shrugged, “we'll just have to wait until morning to talk to them.”

   A few hours passed, Brian & Brie talked for awhile before heading off to bed in separate rooms. They both had the same thoughts, of Nick & Katie, as they lay in bed.

“I'm right,” Brian said as he stared at his bedroom ceiling, “Katie & Nick won't do anything tonight, we have nothing to worry about...right?!”

“I hope Brian's right,” Brie whispered out aloud, “and I'm wrong for once. Please God let Brian be right.”

               :: AJ & Ally ::

They arrive at AJ's house, laughing hysterically, as both of them run inside completely soaked from the pouring rain. AJ then tries to flip on the lights.

“Oh Man,” AJ whined; “guess the powers out.” he said as he closes the door behind him while he is still holding Ally's hand.  He pulls her close to him and wipes a drop of rain from her forehead as he looks deep into her eyes and kisses her passionately.

“Wow,” Ally said catching her breath, “what was that for?”

“Cause I Love You.”  AJ simply responded as a smile spreads across Ally's face. She tries to hide it from him but AJ lifted her head, so she was looking at him again.
“.... What's wrong baby?”

“Nothing,” Ally whispered w/ tears in her eyes, “It's just that you've never said that to me before.”

“I Know,” AJ responded, “but I've meant to everyday. I just didn't want to think that I was trying to get something out of you. I want you to know what I feel for you is real. I've never loved anyone the way I love you; especially not too soon. But I can't help myself. I find that I wanna be with you constantly and I just can't not tell you anymore.”

“I wanted to say it too,” Ally cried out, “I love you too, AJ.  I was so scared to say it though cause well...I mean, you get girls telling you that they love you everyday even though they don't know you, the real you. And I didn't want to you to think that I was the same.”

“No, I would never think that. You're not like any other girl I've met, Ally.  I know that you're different and that's why I love you. You have been nothing but honest with me from the very first night...Not to sound conceited or anything but no other girl has turned me down, not even if it was their first time.”

“So, you've been with lots of girls? Virgins?”

“I won't lie to you, I have been with more than my fair share of women, even virgins, but none of that meant anything to me until now. The simple fact, that you told me that you planned on waiting for the right time and right person, really intrigued me and made me admire you. Oh Baby, your shivering. Wait, C'mere,” he said as he grabbed a blanket and threw it over her shoulders, “I'll be right back.”

“Okay.” Ally smiled.

Meanwhile, AJ ran upstairs into the bathroom and fills the tub with warm water and puts in some strawberry bubble bath that Ally had mentioned she liked. When the tub was full he ran back downstairs and carried Ally back to the waiting bath.

“Where are we going? Put me down!” Ally demanded.
“I don't want you to catch a cold,” AJ told her, “so your gonna take a nice warm bath while I go fix us a nice dinner...OK?”
“Yeah, I'm starved.”
“OK, my angel, enjoy. I'll call you when it's ready.”
“Okay. Thank-you, baby.” Ally said as she kisses him on the cheek.

After awhile of soaking in the deliciously scented foam and warmth of the water...Ally got out and looked at her prune hands. She quietly walked down the stairs and saw that AJ had made a fire and had his blankets on the fluffy white carpet in front of the fireplace. He also had many candles lit all over the place.

“Baby...” Ally said as she quietly entered the kitchen.
“I thought I told you to stay up there,” AJ turns around to face her, “Wow! You look...wonderful in my robe.”
“Thank-you. So, what's for dinner?”
“Oh, well, uhmm...actually,” AJ mumbled as he looked through the cabinets.
“You haven't gone food shopping, huh?” Ally laughed.
“No, Not lately.”
“Well, what do you have?”
Peanut butter and Jelly.”
“Ok,” Ally agreed, “pass the bread.”
“Do you want some hot chocolate,” AJ asked her.
“Yeah, that'd be prefect.”

   Soon the two were sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace.

“Baby, aren't you cold?” Ally asked AJ. “You should get out of these wet clothes before you catch a cold.”
   Ally watched AJ remove his shirt & tank top. She couldn't help but stare at his body in the dim light of the fire.

“What?” AJ said staring at her.
“Oh Nothing.” Ally said before she took a sip of her hot chocolate.
“What are you wearing under that robe?” AJ said as he smiled.
“Excuse me?” Ally said as she almost choked on her hot chocolate.
“I mean,” AJ sips his hot chocolate, “aren't you cold?”
“No, not really. But just to know,” Ally smirked, “I'm not wearing anything.”
“Okay,” AJ said as choked on his hot chocolate, “let's eat.”
   “...C'mere baby, AJ said as he leaned up against the couch.”

   Ally moved towards AJ & sat between his legs with her back on his chest. They just talked and laughed for awhile. He fed her, her sandwich as she rested her head on his shoulder.

“Baby,” AJ said between his kisses to Ally's neck, “can I ask you something?”
“Yeah, sure. Just keep doing what you're doing.”
“You're not going to leave me and go back to NY are you?”
“Well,” Ally finally spilled out, “I haven't really thought about it much. I mean, I had planned on going to NYU but...Why?”
“Well, I told you. I love you,” AJ looked in her eyes, “and I dunno if I could survive without you here with me.”
“I love you too. I don't want to be away from you either,” Ally smiled, “and maybe I can just go to school with Brie & Katie.”
“That'd be great. I mean, I don't want you to sacrifice your schooling. That's the most important thing. But isn't there any way I can help you decide to stay here with me forever?”
“You can make love to me.” Ally said as AJ stood surprised at Ally's openness.
“I mean….I’d love to…but I don’t wanna rush you. Like if you aren’t ready to.” a nervous AJ said.
“I know that baby. I want to,” Ally said as she moved his hands to where the robe was tied, “Please?”
“Ok,” AJ doubled checked, “Only if you're positive though.”
“I am.” Ally simply said.

   With that AJ began to undo the robe that was loosely covering her naked flesh. He opened up the terrycloth robe and exposed her firm breasts to the warm air.  AJ looked at her from above; he noticed she had her eyes shut and was reveling in the sensations he was causing in her. Ally's breathing was getting deeper as AJ slowly ran her hands over her hardening nipples and down her tummy. He heard her moan when he kissed the side of her neck. Ally reached up behind and ran her fingers through the soft curls in his hair leading his head further down her neck. Ally turned her head and kissed AJ on the lips.  "I want you so much, " she sighed into his ear.  He stopped kissing her long enough to turn her around.  Ally looked up at him and smiled.   AJ slowly cupped her face in his hands and slowly ran his fingers through her silky long brown hair. He ran them through until he reached the collar of the robe. He kneeled before her, simultaneously sliding the robe off of her shoulders.  They both kneeled before each other and looked deep into each other's eyes. They kissed passionately as their hands roamed over their burning skin. Soon they were lying on the floor still kissing furiously. "It's not too late...Are you sure?" he rasped into her neck as he gently sucked on the tender flesh below her earlobe.  "Yes, I'm sure" she whispered as she held him closer to her.  He gently slipped into her making sure to not let too much slip inside and hurt her. He felt her entire body clench and heard her softly whimper.  He let out a soft sigh as he finally felt himself completely immersed in her love.  "Are you ok, princess?"  Ally's eyes fluttered open and looked into his beautiful brown eyes that were filled with love, passion, and concern. Unable to find the right words to express everything she was feeling from him, Ally just nodded and tightly shut her eyes as she felt AJ move slightly.  "I'm sorry...did that hurt?" he asked sweetly.  Again, all Ally could do was shake her head to answer him.  "Are you ready?"  "Yes" she whispered into his ear as she felt him pull out just a bit and as slowly as he'd done the 1st time then slip right inside once more.  They continued this sweet pleasure  for as long as they could.    They spent the rest of the evening in each other's arms.

         :: Nick & Katie ::

   They arrived at Nick's house as the rain picked up. Nick jumped out the car and ran to the door excepting Katie to be right behind him. But when he got to the door, he realized Katie was still sitting in the car.

“Katie!” Nick screamed as he ran to the car. “C'mon, get out of the car!”
“No,” she said sarcastically, “You said to 'stay in the car' I'm staying here!”
“Jesus Christ,” Nick yells as he opened the car door and grabbed Katie out, “Why do you always have to be so stubborn?!”
“Maybe cuz I don't wanna be anywhere near you!”
“I understand,” Nick looked at her, “but we are getting all wet here. We can just go inside and take everything from there, Ok?”
“Can we please stop talking out here...I'm getting wet again!” Katie said as she walked away.
“Didn't I just say that?!” Nick stood there as she walked away.
“Whatever,” Katie yelled from his door, “open the door!”
   They go inside and just stand there for a minute...looking at each other.

“Ok,” Nick finally broke the silence, “why don't we get out of these clothes...before we get sick or something.”
“I'm, I'm fine,” Katie said with chattering teeth, “and my clothes will dry.”
“You're shaking! Hate me all you want,” Nick said, “but let me give you dry clothes to put on.”
“All right.” Katie agreed.

   They go upstairs and Nick grabs himself a set of clothes and picks out a pair of sweatpants, sweatshirt, and T-shirt for Katie.

“Here Katie,” Nick said handing her the clothes, “you can wear these.”
“Thank-you,” Katie said as she looked at Nick.
“I'm gonna go get changed in the bathroom,” Nick said noticing Katie's trance, “then I'll be in the kitchen, Ok?”
“Okay,” she said as she got changed and headed downstairs. She entered the kitchen where Nick was making a plate of food from the BBQ.
“Thanks,” she said as she grabbed Nick's plate from his hands, “How did you know I was hungry?”
“Heeey!” Nick whined.
“Oh, save it! You owe me, Babe!”

   They both sat at the table across from each other...every once -n- while one of them would look up.  They both were searching for clues of just how deep their love for one another really was. Finally, Nick spoke up.

“Katie, I, I...don't know what else to say besides I am so incredibly sorry. I didn't mean to make you so upset. I was just being a stupid ass. I didn't mean a single word I said.”
“Then why did you say it?” Katie looked up at him.
“Out of hurt and anger.”
“Why? Why are so hurt and angry?”
“Because...well, because you fell in love with Brian and not me.”
“Oh, I see. So, because you can't have have to make me feel like shit?!”
“No, it's not like that! I just...”
“I really don't wanna talk about this right now,” Katie said standing up to leave the room, “just forget about it.”

   Nick cleans the table before following her. He finds her sitting in the windowsill in the living room just crying as she watches the rain hit the window.

“Are you okay?” Nick said as he places hand on her shoulder, “Please don't cry.”
“I'm fine,” Katie said as she pushed Nick's hand away, “it's just my allergies.”
“Allergies?” Nick laughed.  “That must have been one hell of a piece of dust.”
“Can you please leave me alone?” Katie said through a smile.
“Fine, but remember I got you to smile, I'll be in the kitchen, if ya need me.”
“Nick, wait a second,” Katie said jumping of the windowsill and walking towards him, “I have a question for you.”
“All right, shoot hun.”
“Well, I was wondering something, if you said you were so hurt about Brian and I being together...then why did you sleep with Brie?”
“Uhmm...Well, I just was lonely.”
“Lonely? So, you just used my friend to make you feel better?!”
“No, it wasn't like that...I, I..Okay, so I did use her. But I thought the whole time it was you.”
“Oh, so that's supposed to make me feel better! While you were sleeping with one of my best friends, you wished it were me! Oh, thank-you so much!” Katie yelled.
“You asked me a question and I answered it truthfully,” Nick looked her in her eyes, “I guess that's all I can say.”
“Do you love her?” Katie questioned him.
“Brie? Well, honestly, no. I don't love her,” Nick paused, “she's a great friend but I don't love her like I love someone else.”
“Oh God,” Katie yelled, “No! Don't even start...I'm happy in love with Brian.”
“Are you sure you really love him?”
“Yes! Of course,” Katie turned away from Nick, “of course, I do. And there is nothing anyone can do to change that.”
“Nothing?!” He said as he looked deep into her eyes.
“Yeah, nothing.” Katie said as she started to walk away from Nick until her grabbed her arm and spun her to face him again.
“How about this...??” Nick said as he pulled Katie's face to his and kissed her passionately.  
“Nick!” Katie screamed as he slapped his face, “what the hell was that?!”
“Ow! That was a kiss,” Nick said looking her in the eye, “cuz I love you.”

   Katie stood there silent, she could see the love in Nick's eyes but she had to fight the feeling to kiss him back. So, she pictured Brian because he always had the same look in his eyes and never once hurt her.

“Hello Katie?!” Nick said breaking Katie from her trance, “please tell me what ur feeling?”
“Oh sorry, she turned away from him, I, well I...Oh! Look at the time! It's 8:30pm already!” Katie yells as she lets out a big yawn and runs towards the stairs, “I am so tired--Goodnight!”
“Oh No!” Nick said running to block the stairs, “tell me what you felt by the kiss?”
“Nick, I did feel something,” Katie lowered her head, “but I can't act upon it.”
“What did you feel?”
“I”, she said as Nick raised her face up, “I felt that I would never be unloved as long as I was near you. I got those warm sensations that I always got whenever you came near me or I saw you.”
“So, if you felt all that, then why did you slap me?!”
“Well, it was because I didn't want to feel that way towards you again. You hurt me...twice! And I am finally happy with Brian and I'd like to stay that way, ok?”
“Okay sweetie, I can respect that. I am sorry, I won't do anything like that again! I swear and  promise you.” Nick said as he thought about his next move to win her back.
“Thank-you, Nick.” Katie said as she started to laugh.
“Why are you laughing?” Nick asked questioningly, “just 2 seconds ago you were upset.”
“You just reminded me of a time when we were kids, well teenagers.”
“Really?” Nick said as he joined her laughing, “what was it?”
“Well, it was the first time you kissed me...using your tongue.”
“I totally remember that!” Nick laughed.
“I almost ripped your head off when I slapped you!” She said laughing, “I am so sorry about that again.”
“Yeah,” Nick said smiling at her, “I thought I would surprise you by kissing you "like the older kids do" and you didn't like it.”
“Well, it wasn't that I didn't like it but I wasn't excepting it and you said that same apology as you did before.”
“Oh yeah, you are so right! I said, I am sorry, won't do anything like it again...yadda.”

  The two of them stood on the steps just laughing. Nick thought that his next move might not be as hard as he imagined because Katie was now laughing.  They then decide to head upstairs and just think back to when they were kids.  They spent 3 hours, laughing, tickling each other, since they both were really ticklish, and even looked at pictures of them as kids wondering why they dress like they did.

“Wow!” Katie said looking at her watch, “we've been here for 3 hours!”
“For real?” Nick said look at his watch, “I can't believe it.”
“Well it's 11:30 now,” Katie said getting off his bed, “and I better go to bed.”
“Oh yeah, I'll walk you to the guestroom.” Nick said as he jumped off his bed, “grabbed her hand and the flashlight they were using.”

  They reached the guestroom and Nick & Katie said their goodnights.

“Well, Goodnight Katie,” Nick said looking at her climb into bed, “I'll be right down the hall if you need me for anything, just yell, ok?”
“Okay thanks,” she turned to him, “and Goodnight too...sweet dreams.”

  Katie sat in bed and tired to go to sleep but just couldn't. She hated storms and all night she never realized how bad it really was outside cuz she was always occupied.  But now, it was so quiet and the sound of the thunder and sight of the bright lightening would make her jump.
   Nick sat in his bed and wondered what Katie was thinking right now.  Was she okay? Was she sleeping already? Was she thinking of Brian...or maybe him? Then he remembered that she hated storms and used that as an excuse to go back to her room to see her.  Nick quietly walked down the hallway to the guestroom and opened the door slightly. He saw Katie with her whole body partially covered with the blanket...but completely still at that moment.  He was about to leave when Katie heard him.

“Nick? Is that you?” She said slowly moving the blanket from her face.
“Yeah, I'm sorry to wake you.” He said just as a huge clap a thunder struck and Katie jumped up.
“Oh My God,” she yelled, “I really hate these things!”
“I remember,” Nick said coming closer to the bed, “that's why I came back to check on you.”
“Oh thank-you, but I'll be okay.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, of course. I'll be just fine.” she said as the next round of thunder started and she jumped.
“Do you want me to stay with you?” Nick asked, “just until you fall asleep.”
“Uhuh, Oh Please stay!” Katie said moving over making room for him on the bed.

  Nick climbed into bed and pulled Katie closer to him. He could feel her body shaking as she rested her head on his chest.

“Baby, just relax,” Nick said as he rubbed her arm, “It will be okay. Try to get some sleep.”
“Okay,” she whispered as she closed her eyes.
   Katie was finally able to relax in Nick's arms so much that Nick thought she was asleep and began to sing a line in "It's True" that summed up everything between them.

"But I love you and I always will
  So I wonder if you want me still
  Can you forgive me and open your heart once again."

“Nick,” Katie spoke with her eyes closed, “I forgave you before we got here. I love you too.”
“You did? You do?” He said shaking her to open her eyes.
“Yes,” she said looking up at him, “did you really mean what you just sang to me?”
“Every word.”
“Oh, I don't know what to say.”
“Don't say anything.”  Nick leaned down and kissed her.
“We can't do this.” She said just as she turned her head from him.
“Yes, “ he said turning her head back, “we can. We can't hide our true feelings behind Brian and Brie, it's not right.”
“We can't hurt them either, Nick.”  Just as she finished Nick kissed her again.
“Tell me after that kiss that you don't want to be with me as much as I want to be with you.”
“I want to be with you, but....”
“No buts...just go with it.” Nick said as he began to caress and run his hands up & down her body.
“Nick,” Katie said between her moans, “Nick...”
“What baby?” He said, “as he looked her in her beautiful green eyes, want me to stop?”
“Uhmm, well...No, I just wanna tell you to continue and never stop.”
“Your wish is my command.”

  Nick and Katie began to slowly pull each other's clothes off. They were getting all caught up in the moment that they didn't even think of using protection. Before long they had made love to each other over and over again. But neither one of them thought of Brian and Brie and what they were doing would effect both them....all they wanted to do was to continue this indescribable pleasure they were both feeling. "I love Yous" filled the air repeatedly. The time was now 1am and both Nick and Katie were asleep with their naked, sweaty bodies pressed against each other, holding on to each other so tight, with big smiles upon their faces.

~END of Chapter 10~

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