Chapter 11:

     :: Nick & Katie ::

  As the morning sunlight shined through the deck doors of the guestroom, Nick and Katie laid fast asleep in each other's arms. Neither one thinking of the consequences of their actions last night or whether or not Brian and Brie would walk in at any moment. All that mattered was that they were FINALLY together and happy.
  Nick was the first one to stir awake from the sun shining in his eyes. He looked down at Katie, who was wrapped in his sheets this time, with her beautiful body pressed up against him. He watched as she inhaled and exhaled each breath. She looked so peaceful. He hated to wake her up but couldn't resist the urge to kiss her. He gently brushed his lips against hers causing her to break into a smile. Her eyes slowly blinked opened and looked up at Nick's smiling face.
"Morning beautiful" Nick said as he rubbed his hand's up and down her legs.
"Good Morning, Nicky." Katie smiled, "Did you sleep well?"
"Yes, only because of you." Nick leaned down and kissed her forehead.
"God, I love your kisses!" Katie said as she sat up in bed.
"Well, who am I to keep you from them." Nick said. He laid Katie back down and began to plant kisses along her neck and jaw line before making a long stop at her lips. Nick slowly ran his hands up her back and removed her shirt. Their two tongues were in taking part in a dual when Nick's cell phone rang.
" that." Katie said between his kisses.
"It will...stop." Nick continued what he was doing.
"No, get it! It could be Brian & Brie and they will think something is up!" Katie said as she pushed Nick off of her.
"Ughh, it better be important!" Nick whined.

  They both sat up as Nick reached over and answered his cell phone.
"Hello?" Nick answered.
"Nick! Man, what took you so long to answer? Are you okay? Is my baby girl okay? Is she there with you? I need to talk to her!" Brian said all in one breath.
"Breathe man. We're fine...she's doing just great and is sitting right next to me." Nick said as he watched Katie put her shirt back on.
"Oh Okay, can I talk to my sweetie?"
"Yeah, hang on." Nick said as he handed his phone to Katie.
"Hello..." Katie was immediately cut off.
"Hi babe. I miss you so, so much. Are you okay? Nick treat you okay? Did you sleep well?" Brian yelled out.
"Anything else?" Katie laughed.
"Yeah...I love you." Brian whispered into the phone.
"I love you too, sweetie," Katie said back to Brian, "And I miss you too but trust me, I'm just fine and Nick was nothing but great to me, really great."
"Good, remind me to thank him for taking such good care of my girl. Well, Brie is still sleeping and the police said the bridge should be cleared in 2 you'll be in my arms soon."
"Okay, I can't wait to see you."
"Tell Nick we'll be over there in 2 hours and we want breakfast!"
"Alright," Katie said laughing, "I'll go make something cuz I don't want the house to burn down today!"
"Good idea. Well, I'll see you soon, my phone needs to charge, I love you."
"I love you more, bye."
"Bye beautiful."
  As Katie hung up the phone the phone, she saw Nick just staring at her...waiting to hear what's going to happen between them and what Brian had said.

"Well, Brian & Brie will be here in 2 hours once the bridge clears and Brian wants breakfast," Katie laughed, "So I'm gonna go make him some."
"What about us?" Nick questioned.
"Oh, we can have breakfast too." Katie said trying to avoid his question.
"Katie, you know what I mean! What are we gonna do?"
"I dunno, Nick. I don't wanna hurt Brian..."
"I don't want to hurt him or Brie either...but I need you. I love you too.
"Nick, please don't...I love you both so much. And I don't wanna hurt either of you. That's why we can't continue this and can't tell Brian about our little accident."
"Accident? You call last accident?!" Nick snapped, "We made love Katie. You wanted it and I wanted was no accident!" 
  Katie started to cry and Nick kissed the tears from her eyes as he pulled her into a hug.
"I'm sorry babe, but it's the truth." Nick whispered.
"I know. But after today, it has to end. We must go on with our lives with Brian & Brie. We lived a fantasy here and we can't stay in fantasyland forever." She said pulling away from Nick.
Nick just stared at Katie, "Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?"
"Yeah, of course."
"Well, I found mine…but she doesn't want me anymore." Nick said leaving the room.
Katie falls to the bed and whispers, "Nick, if you only knew how hard it is for me to turn you away."

  :: Ally & AJ ::

After a night full of passion, these two fell fast asleep completely naked right next to the fireplace. Ally was first to wake up that morning, feeling different but extremely happy. She wanted to thank AJ, so she headed to the kitchen to make him a delicious breakfast. But once she reached the kitchen, she realized and remembered that she was at AJ's house, meaning no food!

"Damn, there is nothing to make for him." She sighed.
"Nothing to make for who?" AJ whispered into her ear as he wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Some guy...that I absolutely love and adore." Ally said as she turned to face him.
"Oh, do I know him?"
"Very well." Ally said before she kissed him.
"How do you feel this morning?"
"Just wonderful, awesome, terrific!" Ally exclaimed.
"That bad, huh?" AJ laughed.
"Yup, but now I'm hungry!" She pouted. "Sorry babe, you know I have no food in this about we go out for breakfast?"
"Yeah, then we can go to the apartment and see how everyone else's night was. Hopefully, there's were all as great as mine. I love you, McLean."
"I love you too, babe.  And I’m so glad I was apart of your special night."
"Well, let's go get dressed, so we can get some food!" Ally said as she went for the stairs.
"You mean, get undressed, right?!" AJ smirked.
"Oh McLean...I love the way your mind works."
"I love when you call me that!" AJ said running up the stairs after her.

  Once he caught her, he lead her to his bedroom where they fooled around before getting dressed and heading out to breakfast.

~ Later that Morning ~
      :: Brian, Brie, Nick, and Katie ::

  Nick and Katie were sitting out on the deck eating the breakfast that Katie prepared. They both were at opposite sides of the table until Nick gave up his grudge and came to sit close, very close to her.

"I'm so sorry for walking out on our convo earlier." He said into her ear as he placed his hand on her leg.
"It's alright, I forgive you. It's hard for me to accept it too." She said turning to him.
"I know. C'mere babe." He said as he pulled her chair out from the table. Katie got up and sat on his lap. Within seconds, he embraced her and began to kiss her. If they didn't hear the front door slam or hear Brian & Brie's voices, they just would have gotten caught.

"Katie! Nick! Where are you guys?" Brie yelled.
"Yeah, Where are you two?" Brian also yelled.
"We're out on the deck." Nick yelled from the deck door as Katie fixed herself.
"Hey Nic...Katelynn!" Brian yelled as he ran right pass Nick to Katie, "Ah, I love you!" he said as he picked her up and spun her in the air.
"Hey babe..." Katie was only able to get that out before he kissed her.
"He really missed her a lot." Brie said coming up behind Nick, whom was staring at them, with his heart broken.
"Hey alright?" Nick asked turning towards her.
"Yup, I'm just great," She said before she kissed him, "just alittle hungry."

  The Four of them proceed to have breakfast and talk before Brian spilled his good news.

"Hey guys, ya know my Healthy Heart Club for the Hospital back in Kentucky, right?"
"Yes." Nick, Katie and Brie said in unison.
"Well, they are honoring me at the hospital's annual conference."
"Awesome sweetie, congrats!" Katie said giving him a peck on the cheek.
"Yeah man, congrats! Where is it being held?" Nick asked.
"In San Francisco...and Katie, I'd love for you to spend the week with me out there, would you?"
"Of course! I've never been to San Fran or Cali! When is it?"
"In two weeks. We leave two Saturdays from now."
"Oh! A week in a romantic two be good now!" Brie laughed. She always seemed to say something that would hurt Nick.
"I make no promises...especially when it comes to the most beautiful girl in the world that..." Brian was interrupted.
"Oh, look at the time!" Nick stood up, "I have plans, so we better get moving." Nick made up a lie cause he couldn't stand they way Brian & Katie were.
"You do?" Brie asked.
"Yeah, remember, I told you yesterday." Nick said hoping Brie would just go along with it.
"I guess so." Brie looked at him funny.
"Well, we better go." Katie said standing up.
"Yeah, we can go back to my place." Brian smiled at her.
"Sounds good to me, " Katie smiled back, "Bye Brie and Nick, thanks for everything." Katie quickly gave him a peck on the cheek.
"Your Welcome. Anytime." He said as he hugged her.

  Brie and Nick walked them out to the car and went back inside. Brie headed back on the deck to clean up, while Nick watched as Brian drove away with his soul mate in the passenger seat. His heart was breaking into pieces and the only one to put it back together was Katelynn.

~End of Chapter 11~

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