Chapter 12:

   : The next day :
      :: Katie, Brie, and Ally ::

"When was the last time all three of us were home at the same exact time?" Katie laughed.
"It's been what's up guys? How was your storm night?" Ally asked with a huge smile on her face.
"What's with the smile, Ally?" Brie questioned her.
"No reason, I..." Ally was interrupted by Katie's outburst.
"OMG! You didn't?!"
"What did she do?" Brie looked puzzled.
"She slept with AJ!" Katie exclaimed.
"No freakin' did?!" Brie stared at her.
"Can we please change the subject?" Ally started to blush.
"We'll take that as a YES!" Katie smiled, "I'm happy for you!"
"Thanks." Ally simply said.
"Haha! So, you admit it?" Katie smirked.
"Yes, we slept together! I'm not part of the virgin club anymore! happy now?" Ally looked at both of her best friends.
"No..." Brie looked at her, "Did you like it?"
"Yeah, was it worth that wait?" Katie asked.
"Hell yeah! It was awesome. It felt like something was just exploding inside me...he was so gentle too. And..." Ally stopped, "sorry guys."
"Don't be sorry. It's exciting the very first time." Katie hugged her.
"Ok, now can we please change the subject?" Ally pouted, "How was you reunion with Brian last night, Katie?"
"It was fine...nothing spectacular."
"Sure, he prolly made love to you all night." Brie smiled, "He missed you."
"Ok, Ok! yes, we slept together...nothing new for us." Katie laughed but then stopped when she realized she slept with Nick and Brian in the same day. "What kind of girl am I turning into?" she thought to herself.
"You okay?" Ally asked her.
"Yeah, I'm fine...just realized that I have now less than two weeks to pack and get a killer dress for Brian's thing." Katie said.
"That's what friends are for! Girl's day out at the mall! Just let me go change and then we can go." Brie said as she headed to her room.
"Yeah! I love to shop...let me go grab my purse!" Ally said.
"Alright, I'll go got my car up front!" Katie yelled to her friends.

  Katie went towards the door and when she opened it...she came face to face with Nick.

"Nick? What.." Nick stopped her from talking by placing his hand over her mouth.
"Just come with me." He said as he nearly dragged her down the stairs.

  Once they reached Katie's car in the parking lot, Nick let go of her.

"What's going on?!" Brie and Ally will be down here any minute!" Katie yelled, "We're going shopping!"
"Then I have no time to explain how I am feeling...just have to show you." Nick said as he passionately kissed her.
"Katie, I thought you were bringing your car up front...OMG!" Ally stopped short from the site before her.
"Ally!  I can explain this..." Katie started but Nick stopped her.
"No, it's my fault, Ally. I kissed her because I am so in love with her." Nick stared at Katie.
"What happened between you two? The day of the BBQ, you were fighting and now you guys are kissing?!" Ally questioned.
"Alot happened. Too much to explain right now. Let's just say that this wasn't the first time in the past 2 days that we kissed." Nick said as he looked at Ally, "You won't say anything will you?"
"No, I won't" Ally said as Brie approached.
"Won't what?" Brie asked.
"Allow Nick to go shopping with us." Ally said as Nick and Katie breathed a sigh of relief.
"Of course he can't!" Brie laughed, "It's a girls day out!"
"Yeah, so you better go home, Nicky." Katie looked at him.
"Alright ladies, I'll go home. But call us guys when you get back...maybe we can go on a triple date." He said as he drove off.
"It's great that Nick and you are friends again, Katie. Now, we can all hang out as couples." Brie said as she got in the car.
"Yeah, it's great." Katie responded as she glanced at Ally, who was quite upset with her.

  The three girls spent the day at the mall. And after 15 stores, 5 hours, 2 bathroom stops, and 3 milk shakes, Katie had the perfect dress for San Francisco.

"I can't believe we finally got the prefect dress!" Katie squealed in excitement.
"Yeah, wait until Brian sees you in it!" Ally yelled from the backseat, "He's gonna be speechless."
"You betcha! Speakin' of Brian, I better call him and see what's on for tonight." Katie said as she dialed her cell.
"Hello?" Brian answered.
"Hey Bri-bear...what's up for tonight?"
"Funny you should ask that, babe, I just got off the phone with Nick."
"Oh, what'd he say?"
"He really wants to go on a triple date. AJ & I are totally cool with it...what do you girls say?"
"Hold on." She said to Brian and turned to the girls, "The guys wanna do the triple date, you game?"
"Yeah, sure." Ally and Brie agreed.
"It's a go, sweetie. What time?"
"We'll come pick you three up at the apartment in a hour, ok?"
"Alright, love you!"
"Love you too!"
"They're meeting us at the apartment in a hour, we better go." Katie told them.

  The girls made it home in record time and just finished getting ready as the boys arrived to pick them up.

"Wow! If you three aren’t the most beautiful girls in the world, then I dunno what the hell beautiful is!" AJ exclaimed as he surveyed the girls.
"Thank-you." The girls smiled.
"AJ, you better stop checking out my girl." Brian playfully hit him.
"Yeah McLean, especially since I'm right here." Ally joked.
"You know I only have eyes for you, Ally."
"Well, let's go, I'm hungry!" Nick said as he rubbed his tummy making everyone laugh.

  The three couples arrived at the restaurant, where they got a private room. Nick was about to sit next to Katie, when Ally pushed AJ into him, knocking him down 2 seats. She knew exactly what he was up too.

"Hey man, watch out, that's my seat." Nick whined.
"It's all right, Nick. We can sit here." Brie said pulling out the chair next to Ally for him.

  The arrangement at the table was : Brian, Katie, AJ, Ally, Nick and Brie. The three couples enjoyed an uneventful dinner. They laughed, joked, and talked away for 5 hours.

"This was a great idea, Nick." Brian patted his friend on the back, "And thank-you for taking care of Katie the other night. I never thanked you for it."

  Katie watched as Nick and Brian talked by the coat rack. She wished she could be with both of them. They each had something that she loved. But that wasn't possible. She couldn't be selfish and she wasn't some type of whore. She was with Brian and Nick was with Brie. "That's they way it needs to stay, right?" Katie thought as she got up and headed over to them.

"Hey, what are my two favorite guys talking about?" Katie said as she draped one arm around Nick and the other around Brian.
"You." Brian looked over at her.
"Good or bad?" she joked.
"Always good." Nick smiled at her as he inhaled the smell of her perfume, "God, she smells so good tonight." He thought to himself.
"Well, we better head out." Brie said joining them.
"Yeah, I'm getting tired." Ally yawned in AJ's arms.
"You coming to my house tonight, babe?" AJ asked Ally.
"Yeah Ally, you going to sleep at AJ's house tonight?" Katie joked with her.
"Shut-up, Katie! And yes, I'd love too." She told AJ.
“Ooh, Someone is moody! You guys okay?” AJ asked because of Ally’s outburst.
"Yea, we’re cool.  So Brie, I'm going by Brian's house, so you'll be alone tonight unless you go by Nick's." Katie told her.
"Nick, can I stay at your house?" Brie asked.
"Uhmm," He glanced at Katie with Brian, "Of course you can, babe." he said as he embraced her. He had to show Katie that he would be okay without her. But it wasn't gonna be easy. Especially knowing that in two weeks, she'd be all alone with Brian across the country, away from his reach, where anything could happen. He knew he had to find away to go on that trip.

~End of Chapter 12~

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