Chapter 13:

* 2 Weeks Later *
   These next two weeks flew by and it was now time for the long awaited California trip.

“Are you sure you have everything?” Brian asked his sweetie as he loaded the limo.
“I think so…I hope I did.”
“You better have! With 5 bags for a 2 week trip!” Brian laughed as Katie playfully slapped him.
“Your lucky I love you.” She smiled at him.
“So lucky.” He said before he kissed her. They were stopped by the voices calling out to them.

“Brian! Katie! You wouldn’t leave, without saying good-bye to us, now would you?!” Ally said as her, AJ, Brie and Nick approached the two.
“We were gonna try!” Katie said sarcastically back.
“Well, we won’t let you!” Brie smiled, “C’mere and give me a hug good-bye, Katie.”

   Everyone exchanged hugs and good byes before Brian and Katie pulled away for the airport.

* 3 Days Later in San Francisco *

“I miss them, Brian.” Katie said as she looked over the balcony of their hotel room.
“I know you do. It’s pretty boring, for you, when I go to the meetings. Why don’t I invite them all to come out here? Brian suggested.
“Would you?! Ally and Brie would just love some of these stores here!” Katie said getting excited.
“Anything for you. Let me go make a few calls.” He said as he kissed her cheek and went inside.

   * Meanwhile back home with the others *

“I think we should go surprise them.” Nick said to the others.
“Why? They deserve time alone, Nick.” Ally looked at him.
“He does have a point, baby.” AJ said to Ally, “Brian has lots of meetings to go to and Katie is prolly bored out of her mind.”
“I’m game…everyone else in?” Brie asked as she looked around the room.
“Yeah.”  was the obvious answer from the other 3.
“Alright, I’ll make the arrangements.” Nick said as he reached for his phone just as it rang.

“Hey Frack, it’s B-rok.”
“Hey man, we were just talking about you guys, how’s Cali?”
“It’s fine, but Katie is so bored when I go to the meetings and I was hoping that you guys could come out there?”
“Haha! Funny you should ask that…we all agreed, just 5 minutes ago, that we were gonna come out there to surprise both of you!”
“Great…and since I knew you guys would say yes…I made arrangements for you four already.”
“Thanks man, what are they?”

   Brian proceeded to tell Nick all the details before hanging up with him. Brian stood there with a big grin on his face, Katie was gonna love seeing them. He was a genius…or so he thought.  Nick, Brie, AJ and Ally would be here tomorrow afternoon.

“Brian made plans for us to come out there already.” Nick informed the others as he thought to himself, “Who would’ve thought that Brian, of all people, would help me get to San Francisco.”
“Really?” Brie looked surprised, “I thought for sure he’d want to be alone with her to…ya know!”  Everyone just laughed except for Nick.
“Guys! Let’s get serious here now…our flight leaves tomorrow morning!” Nick snapped.
“Oooo, someone is anxious for this trip! I wonder why?!” Ally said aloud.
“Shut-up, Ally! You better go home now to pack now…You’ll be the one that will make us late!” Nick snapped at her.
“Be nice to me Nicky boy, you just better be nice to me.” Ally smirked at him.
“I’m sorry.” Nick simply said knowing the secret that Ally was holding inside.
“That’s right your sorry!” AJ said jokingly, “Otherwise, I’d have to kick your ass for talking to my girl like that.”
“Nick is actually right for once…we all better go and pack. Then just meet here tomorrow at 8 am, okay?” Brie said standing up.
“Yeah, sounds like a deal.” Ally agreed, “Brie, wanna ride with me back to the apartment?”
“Sure! See you in the morning sweetie.” Brie said.
“Why you still sitting here? GO!” Nick yelled.
“Jesus, relax man. See’ya later.” AJ said as he left Nick’s house.
“I can’t wait to see her,” Nick whispered to himself, “This is when I make my big move.”

   * Brian and Katie *

“It’s all set, baby.” Brian whispered into Katie’s ear as his hands went around her waist.
“For real?” Katie’s face lit up, “They’re all really coming?”
“Yes, tomorrow afternoon. They were actually thinking of surprising us when I called.”
“Aww! You’re so sweet! Thank-you so much.” She said as she hugged him.
“Again, anything for the woman I love so much.” Brian said as he began to kiss her.
“I love you too.” Katie smiled.
“Oh yeah? How much does Katie love Brian?” He said as he tickled her.
“Stop!” She yelled, “Katie says that actions speak louder than words.”
“I see…and what kind of actions does Katie have in mind for Brian tonight?”
“Uhmm…Katie says alittle bit of this,” She said as she kissed his neck, “and that.” She said as she pushed him to the bed and climbed atop of him.
“Brian like, Brian really like.”
“Katie is just getting started.” Katie said as the two started kissing.

   The two spent the night in each other’s arms. Not knowing that the arrival of Nick tomorrow could change it all.

   :: The arrival of the others ::

“What the hell did you guys pack?”  Nick asked Brie and Ally as AJ and him dragged the bags off the elevator.
“You told us to go pack…so we did.” Ally said turning to them.
“Room 351, 352, 353, ah 354!” Brie yelled, “This is theirs!” She said as she knocked on it.
“I’ll get it!” Katie jumped up and ran to the door, “Your finally here!” She yelled as she pulled Ally and Brie in for a hug.
“But we won’t be here, if you make us stop breathing!” Ally joked as Katie pulled away from their hug.
“Sorry, I’m just so happy to see you….Hey AJ!” She said as she ran into the hallway to hug him.
“Hey babe, Where’s Brian?”
“Oh, he’s in the shower, he’ll be out in a few.” She told AJ, “But where’s Nick?”
“I’m right here, “ Nick said dragging Ally’s last bag up to the group, “I swear she must have packed her entire room!”
“Women, can’t live with or without them! AJ said as Ally playfully slapped him.
“Haha, poor little Nicky, you had to carry all the bags?” Katie smiled at him.
“Yes, all by myself.” He pouted.
“Aww, C’mere and get a hug.” Katie laughed as Nick dropped Ally’s last bag and came over to her. They embraced each other for what seemed like an eternity. Just taking in each other’s scent and feeling the love pass through each of them, until Brian’s voice, broke the trance they were in.
“Hey guys, Glad you made it!” Brian said as he helped with the bags, “I got our rooms next to each other.”
“Cool, let’s go move our stuff in before we got get some dinner.” AJ suggested as Brie, Ally and Brian followed him with the bags.
“You guys coming?” Brie turned around to Nick and Katie.
“Yeah, just gotta grab these last few bags.” Nick said as he watched them go into the hotel rooms before turning back to Katie, “We gotta talk, babe.”  Nick said before he kissed her lips and carried the bags to their rooms.
“Oh, oh okay.” Katie said, still in shock, that Nick would kiss her like that with a chance of Brian seeing them.

   Nick turned back and smiled before going in the hotel room. Just when Katie thought she’d get over Nick, her feelings for him, all came back.

~End of Chapter 13~

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