Chapter 14:

*The next day *

   The group met for breakfast the next morning in the hotel restaurant before Brian had to go to his last set of meetings before his big honor tomorrow.

“When will you be back?” Katie yawned as she asked Brian.
“Maybe around 3 or so…but the guys here will keep you company.” Brian smiled at all of them.
“Of course, we’re going shopping!” Ally exclaimed, “AJ, so graciously volunteered to carry all of our bags.”
“I did?” AJ said looking at Ally.
“Well, no, but I volunteered you.”
“Hell, if I have to do it, Nicky boy over there is helping to.”
“Aww man! I carried all the bags yesterday.” Nick whined.
“But you didn’t carry mine.” Katie said.
“True, so I’ll carry only Katie’s bags,“ Nick smiled towards her, “Just don’t buy a lot.”
“I won’t, I only wanna go get these shoes, that I saw yesterday.” Katie said standing up, “I’m gonna go grab my purse upstairs then we can go.”
“Yeah, I’ve gotta head to the conference room, I’ll walk with you to the elevators.” Brian stood up as well.
“See’ya Brian, wanna meet up for dinner later with us? AJ asked.
“Yeah, like I said, I’ll be back at 3ish, so it gives you guys 5 good hours of shopping.” Brian laughed.
“Yeah, Yeah…just go!” Nick said.

   Katie, Nick, Brie, Ally and AJ went shopping for only four hours before everyone was tired. They still had an hour before Brian came back. As they rode the elevator back to their rooms, they all decided to go their separate ways.

“AJ and I are gonna go take a nap.” Ally told everyone.
“Sure, like you two will actually do any sleeping in there.” Katie smiled.
“Okay, so you caught us, now you’ll know to obey the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign!” AJ laughed as they made it to their rooms.
“Well, I am definitely taking a nap, I think the 6 hour plane flight has caught up with me.” Brie yawned.
“Alright, you guys relax or whatever, I’ll be in my room, if ya need me.” Katie simply said before she slipped into her room.

   An hour passed and AJ and Ally when about their business. It seemed like since they first had sex, it’s all they do.  Brie was sound asleep while Nick and Katie just moped around their rooms. Brian’s meeting was just about to end when Katie and Nick decided to go for a soda.

“No more soda in the fridge!” Nick said.
“I must have finished my water…I think that one of the machine down the hall have some.” Katie said as she opened the door and walked into the hallway towards the machines.
“Hey, wait up!” Nick called to her as he left his room, “Where you headed?”
“Nowhere special…just going to the vending machines.” Katie said as Nick placed an arm around her shoulder.
“Me too. I’m quite thirsty.” He smiled, “But now we can get the chance to talk…alone.” He said as they entered the vending machine area.
“What’s on your mind?” Katie asked as she placed her money in the machine.
“You.” Nick simply said as he opened his soda.
“How did I know that you were gonna say that.” Katie said taking a sip of her water.

          :: Flash to Brian ::

“I’ll see you at the benefit tomorrow…right now I have to go take my friends and girlfriend to dinner.” Brian said as he stood up from the conference table.
“We can wait to meet our friends and especially that Katie, whom we’ve heard so much about, at the benefit.” a follow conference attendee said.
“We’ll all be here. Good evening gentleman.” Brian politely accused himself from the conference room, “Thank God that’s the last meeting.”

   Brian headed up the elevator when he remembered he used Katie’s last bottled water. “I better stop at the vending machines and grab her one.” Brian said as he approached the machines when he heard Nick and Katie talking.

“You’re always on my mind.” Nick said as he came close to her, “especially after that night.”
“Nick, I thought we discussed this and agreed to forget it.”
“How can you forget that night? It was amazing. I’ve never made love like that before.” He said as he pressed his body up against her.
“Yeah, that was a special night.” Katie whispered a Nick felt her warm breath on his neck.
“You don’t know how much I wanna carry you back to my room and make love to you again.” Nick said before he began to gently kiss her.
“I can’t fight this feeling anymore.” Katie moaned as he kissed him back.

   Brian stood outside in complete shock of what he just heard and was seeing. His girlfriend and best friend were kissing before his eyes and had even slept together. He knew he had to do something.

“Which one of you what like to tell me what the hell is going on?!” Brian screamed as he entered the area.
“Oh God, Brian, I can explain…” Katie started but Brian stopped her.
“Ya know, I don’t think I wanna hear anymore!” Brian said leaving the room with Nick and Katie, “You two had sex?”
“Yes man, but you have to hear me out.”  Nick said.
“When?” Brian simply asked.
“The night of the storm.” Katie said.
“So for the last two weeks, you two have been lying to me!” Brian yelled.
“Yes, but can keep your voice down…and we will explain everything.” Katie urged Brian.
“No! I will not keep my voice down, Katelyn!” Brian yelled louder, “I think Brie has a right to know!”
“I’ll tell her when I’m ready, later on, this not the time right time.” Nick said.
“No, this is the right time, Nick.” Brian said as he yelled in Nick’s face, “She needs to know what a jerk you are!”
“Bri, I know your upset, but you better back up from my face.” Nick firmly said.
“No!” Brian said as he shoved him, “make me!”
“Brian, c’mon, let’s talk this as adults!” Katie urged.
“Shut-up, just shut-up! I can’t stand to hear your voice right now!” Brian yelled.
“Don’t talk to her like that!” Nick said getting angry and shoving Brian.

   Brian just laughed Nick’s shove off before turning back to him and punched him.

“Oh, it’s on!” Nick screamed as him and Brian began to wrestle on the floor.
“Brian! Nick! Stop it!” Katie screamed but they ignored her.

~End of Chapter 14~

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