Chapter 15:

         :: Flash to Ally & AJ ::

“What the hell is going on out there?” AJ said standing up from the couch.
“I dunno, but it sounds like Katie yelling.” Ally said as the two walked to their door and into the hallway.

    :: Flash to Brie ::

“What’s all that noise?” she mumbled as she climbed out of bed and went out to the hallway.

“OMG!” AJ yelled as he ran to break up Nick and Brian, “Guys, calm down!”
“Are you okay?” What’s going on here?” Brie asked Katie.
“Can we talk inside my room?” Katie asked Brie.
“No, tell her right here and now, Katie! Tell her about you and Nick!” Brian yelled.
“What about you and Nick?” Brie asked confused.
“I don’t know how to say this easy, so I’m just gonna say it, the night of the storm, Nick and I…well we…we slept together.” Katie said as Brie’s face turned angry and AJ and Ally’s jaws dropped.
“How could you…you little…” Brie was stopped by Ally.
“How about we move it into a hotel room?” Ally asked pushing Brie and Katie into Katie’s room.
“No, I’m outta here. I think, I will go for a walk or something.” Brian said going towards the elevators.
“You stay out here with Nick and if I call for back-up, come quick! It could get ugly in here!” Ally told AJ before joining the girls in the room.

   :: Inside the room with the girls ::

“I have always wanted to be you! You were so popular in HS…and just, just prefect!” Brie screamed, “But now I changed my mind, you’re just a stupid bitch!”
“Oh, shut-up and save it honey! Your lucky you are even in this position. If it weren’t for me, you’d be back home all alone, flipping burgers at McDonald’s."  Katie yelled back as Ally quietly sneaks out of the room.
“Whatever! I finally get the one thing, that I am proud of, and you had to take it away from me!” Brie yelled.
“What the fuck are you talking about?! You knew that I loved Nick and you went after him anyway!” Katie yelled in Brie’s face, “Why do you think we came here? It was because you and Ally thought it was time I got back with him. Not for you to go and take him from me!”
“Well..” Brie got up in Katie’s face now, “ It didn’t take much to take him away. I guess, you really don’t have it all, now do you?”
“Go fuck yourself, Brie!” Katie said as the events of the day finally got to her as a tear slipped down her face.
“No..” Brie said going to the door, “I’ll just go fuck the love of your life!”

   As Brie slammed the door, Katie threw a vase at the door. It shattered into many pieces and cut her on the cheek. Meanwhile, Brie kept walking to her room and slammed the door.

“What broke?!” Nick said worriedly as he ran in Katie’s room, “Oh God, you’re bleeding.” He said kneeling next to her.
“Yeah, I threw the vase.” Katie said crying on the floor as Nick wrapped an arm around her.
“Oh, babe, I’m so sorry for everything. C’mon, let me help with that cut.” Nick said as he stood her up and walked her to the bathroom.

   There Nick gently cleaned out her cut and sealed it with a kiss.

“There we go, all better.” He whispered as he leaned in and kissed her lips.
“Nick, don’t, please don’t.” Katie said walking away from him.
“Why not? We can be together now.” He said putting his arms around her.
“What about Brie?” Katie asked him looking straight in his eyes.
“I’m planning on breaking it with her…what about you?” Nick said.
“I think it’s over between Brian and me, He said he doesn’t wanna see me again.” She said, “So I’m going to go home.”
“Alright. Then it’s settled, we will be together as soon as I talk it over with Brie.” He smiled.
“Fine. When you’re done, you know where I’ll be.” Katie said pushing him to the door.

   Katie went to start packing when Ally and AJ entered.

“How you hanging girl?” Ally asked.
“I’m alright. Just packing for home.” Katie sighed.
“What’s gonna happen?” AJ curiously asked her.
“Well, Nick says he’s gonna break it off with Brie and come home to me.” Katie said, “But I dunno where Brian is.”
“I’m right here.” Brian said entering the room.
“We’ll give you guys time to talk.” Ally said as her and AJ started to leave, “Katie, we’re gonna go back home also, so we’ll meet you in the lobby.”
“Okay, thanks.” Katie smiled as they closed the door.
“You’re going home?” Brian asked her.
“Yeah, it’s the best thing, we need time apart. I need to think.” Katie sighed.
“Think about Nick, you mean?” Brian asked.
“Yes, that’s part of it.” Katie told him.
“Well, I need to think as well…about if our relationship has anything worth saving.” Brian told her, “I need my space too.”
“I understand, that’s why I am leaving tonight.”
“This break…time apart can really help us decide if we wanna be together or not.” Brian said.
“Yeah…” Katie said as she finished packing and placed her bags to the luggage cart, “I’ll see you when you get home.” She said as she hugged him.

   Brian watched Katie leave, for the first time, he felt what Nick must have been feeling every time he saw her leave. His heart was breaking but he knew it was for the best.  Ally, AJ, and Katie made it home safely and began the wait for Nick to return. Would he ever come?!

~End of Chapter 15~

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