Chapter 16:

* 2 weeks later *

“Miss Branford?” A nurse asked the waiting room full of people.
“That’s me.” Katie stood up.
“Okay, sweetie, follow me.” The nurse said as she showed Katie to the examining room, “The doctor will be right in.”

  Katie hated to go to the doctors but she had not been feeling well for the past week now.

“Good Morning, Katelynn.” Dr. Steinman said, “What seems to be the problem?”
“I think it’s just the flu…ya know, a stomach virus.” Katie told him.
“What are your symptoms?” He asked.
“Well…nausea, headaches, back pain and fatigue.” She said.
“How long have you experienced these?”
“Almost a month…on and off...but this last past week, it got a little worse.”
“Are you sexual active?” The doctor asked.
“Yes…why?” Katie asked nervously.
“I’m gonna have the nurse give you a pregnancy test.” He said.
“A pregnancy test? But I can’t be pregnant!” Katie yelled.
“Stay calm, Katelynn.  All the symptoms are there…did you get your period last month?”
“No…but I thought I just skipped a month.” Katie started to cry.
“It’s alright now, let’s wait until we get the results, before we get all upset here.” The doctor comforted her.

  The Doctor left the room and soon a nurse entered with a pregnancy test. Katie took the test and was now waiting for the doctor to return with the results.

“What did it say?!” Katie jumped at him as he returned.
“Katelynn, you are pregnant.”
“Oh my…oh my God.” Katie sat still in her stair.
"Well, I'd like to do an ultrasound." the doctor said as he walked her to the ultrasound room.
"Okay, whatever we need to do." Katie sighed.

They conducted the ultrasound. Katie was able to see the outline of her baby and she was given as picture to take home.

“It was convinced…uhm, around the time of that huge storm.” The doctor began, “And it’s due about 8 months from now, on May 15th.”
"Ok, Thank-you doctor. Anything else today?" Katie asked.
“That’s all for today. Make sure you start taking your vitamins.” A Nurse smiled, “But now go home and make the daddy happy.”
“Yeah…the daddy.” Katie said when it hit her, was it Nick’s or Brian’s?!
“Are you alright, sweetie?” The nurse asked.
“Yeah, yeah...I’m fine. It’s just a lot for me right now. See’ya at my next check-up.” Katie said leaving the office and walking to her car. As soon as she sat in the driver’s seat, she began to cry, “I’m already a bad mother to you…I don’t know who your daddy is.” She said as she rubbed her tummy.

  After Katie pulled herself together, she drove back to the apartment, to find Ally crashed out on the couch watching TV.

“Hey, what happened at the doctors?” Ally asked.
“Oh, just as we thought, it’s the flu.” Katie lied to her best friend. She wasn’t ready to tell anyone yet.
“Well, come sit on the couch with me and let’s watch MTV.” Ally laughed.
“Alright, what’s on?” Katie said as she plopped down on the couch.
“I think a movie premiere…for one of those MTV sponsored movies.” Ally said.
“So, did Nick call while I was gone?” Katie said turning away from the TV to look at Ally.
“No…but I think I know why! Look!” Ally said turning her back to the TV.

  There on the TV screen, for the whole world to see, was Nick and Brie, being all lovey dovey…holding hands and everything.

“Oh My…not again…not now!” Katie cried, “Why is all this happening to me?!”
“That little bastard! How could he do that to you after promising?! I swear, I’m gonna kick that boy’s ass when he gets home! Messing with my friend like that, ah, he’s a goner!” Ally yelled, “And her, she’s outta here! I’m moving her shit out tonight!”
“OMG, Ally, I have to tell you something…I’m…” Katie said crying before she was stopped by Ally.
“It’s okay, you can tell me later.” Ally said hugging her.
“No, I gotta tell you now. Ally, I should have never cheated on Brian…I was so stupid! I really cared for him and I know he cared for me back. I just took him for granted.” Katie yelled as Brian stood outside the door. He heard everything Katie just said. He was coming to visit her.
“Sweetie, calm down. You’re just upset right now…you can’t change the past.” Ally said.
“There’s something else…” Katie started to say as Ally and Brian’s ears perked up, “I’m, well…I’m pregnant.”
“What?!” Ally screamed loudly as the front door opened. There stood Brian with tears in his eyes.
“Was all of what you just said true?” Brian asked as he kneeled next to her.
“Yes.” Katie said as Ally passed out.
“Good. I’ve done a lot of thinking and I know I still wanna be with you. I was planning to do this in San Francisco, but since that didn’t work out, now will just have to do. Katie, I love you with all of my heart, will you marry me?”
“Oh, yes, I will!” Katie yelled as Ally was finally getting up. Once she heard Katie’s answer, she fell again.
“Ah, I really do love you.” Brian said as Katie and him hugged.
“I love you too.” Katie said feeling happy to marry Brian and also satisfied that she’d get Nick back for everything.
“Congrats Guys!” Ally yelled from the floor, “Next time give me a warning before for all this! I can’t take it all at once!”
“Sorry.” Brian laughed as he helped her up.
“Ally, can me and Brian talk alone for a minute?” Katie asked.
“Yes, I will just go to AJ’s after I get my things.” She said leaving the room.
“Okay, Brian, I have to tell you something important. I’m not sure…who’s baby it is.” Katie said as Ally re-entered the room as Brian remained quiet.
“Oh My Lord…it could be Nick’s!” Ally yelled as Brian looked at her.
“Ally! Get out of here!” Katie yelled back.
“Sorry, I’m outta here!” Ally said slamming the door.
“So, Brian, I’ll understand if you don’t wanna marry me now.” Katie whispered.
“If it’s not mine, I’d love to care for you and it as my own because I love you. And I realize Nick isn’t responsible to take care of anything. Plus, you deserve to be happy now.” Brian said to her.
“You’re too sweet, Brian Littrell.” Katie smiled. She began to cry again when she saw Brian take out a box.
“I brought this the day before the storm and I decided to wait until California. But finally, I can give it to you.” Brian said as he reached for Katie’s hand and slipped the giant diamond on her finger. Within seconds the two began to kiss.

   ~Ally and AJ~

“AJ! You are so not gonna believe what’s going on!” Ally said running into his house.
“What?! Tell me babe!” AJ yelled.
“Well, me and Katie were watching TV and we saw Brie and Nick. They were acting all lovey dovey and everything! So, Katie flips out and then I flip out cause that shit is wrong!” Ally said a mile a minute, “Then Brian comes and Katie just finishes telling me that she should have never cheated on him, that they really cared for each other and she was so stupid.”
“What did Brian say and do?!” AJ asked getting all into it.
“Wait! There’s more…she’s pregnant and doesn’t know if it’s Nick’s or Brian’s!”
“Nooooooo! Are you serious?” AJ said, “So, what was
  Brian’s reaction?”
“Yeaaaahh! He forgave her and ask her to marry him and she said yes!” Ally exclaimed.
“They’re getting married?! And she’s having a baby?!” AJ asked again.
“Yes! Can you believe it? Ally yelled.
“Hell no! I am in complete shock.” AJ said, “But what’s gonna happen when Nick returns?”
“I dunno. I’ll have to talk to her about that tomorrow. But now they wanna be alone, so how about we go keep ourselves busy?” Ally smiled at AJ.
“You don’t have to ask me twice!” AJ smirked.

  Brian and Katie spent the night celebrating their engagement. While, AJ and Ally, celebrated…well nothing. The next morning, across the country, Nick and Brie were boarding a plane for home. Little did they know about all the events that were taking place at home and how it would effect their liives.

~End of Chapter 16~

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