Chapter 17:

   * Two Days Later*
     ~Ally and Katie at the Mall~

“Can’t believe you actually did that!” Katie laughed, “She’s gonna be so damn shocked!”
“Hey, if you mess with my best friend, you mess with me!” Ally said laughing, “She’s just going to have to live with it!”
“Girl, she’s homeless and her clothes are in a storage center!” Katie smiled, “She’s not gonna live with it!”
“Well, let’s go pick up my wedding dress and get back home. I have to pack a few more things before our flight tonight.” Katie said as the two walked the mall.

“Oh! Look Nicky, its Katie and Ally! Sleep with anyone else’s boyfriend, Katie?” Brie meanly said as her and Nick approached them.
“Katie, just go in the store. I’ll be in there in a minute.” Ally said sending Katie into the store, so she wouldn’t get upset with the baby and all.
“Ally, stay the hell out of this! It’s none of your damn business!” Brie yelled.
“Oh, Hell no! I’m making it my damn business!” Ally said just getting started, “I can’t believe you would do that to her! She’s your friend! It was just the three of us, friends forever and till the end, why would you screw her over like that?!”
“And what she did to me was ok? I don’t think so! Why do I have to be the bad one here?!” Brie snapped back.
“Why?! I’ll tell you why! You knew from the beginning how she felt. She was nothing but super nice to you when you moved to Jersey and had no friends.” Ally started again, “She invited you into our group of friends and when they all made fun of you, she stuck up for you, stood by you, and didn’t associate with them anymore!”
“Well, that’s all in the past!” Brie said.
“Well, I guess there’s no future then. By the way here…” Ally said taking a key from her key chain, “You can find your stuff here, in the self-storage, down the road from the apartment. Bye -Bye.” Ally started to walk away but not before giving Nick the dirtiest look in the world.
“Wait Ally…I guess I should give you back the house key…seeing as how I won’t be living there anymore.” Brie smirked.
“No,” Ally said turning around, “That won’t be necessary, believe me.”

   Ally went into the store with Katie. They picked up her dress and headed home. As Nick and Brie left to go to get her stuff.

   ~Nick and Brie~

“Thanks for getting them with me.” Brie smiled, “I guess, I’ll just store them in your house, right?”
“Well...I was thinking maybe you could stay at a hotel and we can look for a place.” Nick said.
“What?! Why can’t I stay with you?”
“Because…my house is kinda crowded.”
“Bullshit! You still love her, don’t you?!?!”
   Nick sat there quiet. Brie took that as a yes.

“Here we go, Katie gets everything!” Brie said as she stormed out of the car.
“How you gonna be home?” Nick finally spoke.
“Who cares! Nice rock on her finger, don’t you think? I wonder when she and Brian will tie that knot!” Brie yelled as she slammed the car door.

   Nick started to freak out and peeled out of the parking lot. Brie is left there with all her stuff. Nick goes back to the mall and tried to look for Katie, but she is long gone. Ally had dropped her off at Brian’s and she was on her way home to AJ’s house after. Little did Brie and Nick know, they got rid of the apartment, and had been living with Brian and AJ respectively.
   Nick repeatedly tried to call the apartment and finds that it’s been disconnected. Knowing that he can’t call Brian’s house, he calls AJ.

“Hello?” AJ answers.
“AJ! Is Katie there?!” Nick yells.
“No, she’s out with Ally. When did you get back?”
“Yesterday…but why is there no phone over at the apartment?”
“Because they don’t live over there anymore, Nick. Ally lives here with me and Katie…well…she lives with Brian.”
“AJ, are they engaged??”
“Nick, man, I…” AJ stuttered.
“Please…just tell me bone.” Nick said.
“Yeah, they’re getting married tomorrow.”
“What!! Where?! They can’t!”
“Nick, what did you expect? I mean, you left her for her best friend. Did you think she was just gonna stand by and let you do that?! I mean, she has to think about the baby now. I mean, you know…”
“Baby? What baby? She’s pregnant?”
“You didn’t know?”
“No, she didn’t say anything at the mall.”
“What do you mean at the mall? You saw them?”
“Yeah, Ally sent Katie in the store before I got to say a word. She basically told Brie that she was fucked up and homeless as of today.”
“That’s my girl! I mean, well, what did you two expect?”
“Lemme come over. I need to talk to her.”
“Katie’s not gonna be here, Nick.”
“I need to at least talk to Ally. I need her to explain to Katie that I need her.
“I dunno, Nick. I can’t stop you from coming here but I don’t guarantee Ally will listen to you.”
“Ok, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

   As soon as the boys hung up, Ally walks in and starts rushing AJ.

“C’mon, we’re gonna miss the flight to Hawaii!” Ally yelled, “Baby, why are you just sitting there? C’mon. Baby??”
“I think I just messed up.” AJ whispered.
“What do you mean?? Messed what up?” Ally asked nervously.
“I just told Nick everything.”
“What!?! Everything, everything??”
“Yeah, I thought he knew. She hasn’t told him, Ally?”
“No, she hasn’t told him. Why should she sacrifice her happiness anymore?? He obviously doesn’t love her or he wouldn’t have done all this shit to her.”
“I think your wrong, Ally. I think he does love her…he sounds like he loves her.”
“Well, AJ, he made his bed…now let him sleep in it.”
“Well, anyway…I think he has a right to now even if there is a small chance that child might be his.”
“It’s not our place to decide AJ. That’s only up to Katie. She didn’t want him to know until she knew for sure if it is his or not. You didn’t tell him they were getting married tomorrow…did you?”
“Yeah, I did but I didn’t say where.”
“Ok, well, good. Let’s go, we’re gonna be late. You ready?”
“He’s on his way, we can’t leave.”
“AJ…we can’t do this! You know Brian loves Katie and the baby even if he’s not positive it’s his. You know they’ll be happy together.”
“Will they?” You don’t know that. Does Katie truly love Brian? Or is she just going to marry him, so she won’t be alone? Or so she can hurt Nick the way he hurt her? Or so she won’t have to raise a child on her own?” AJ rambled on, “I think it’s all of those Ally…and those are all shitty reasons to marry somebody for.”
“I know. You’re right but…” AJ stopped her.
“But What? Baby, you know what I’m saying makes sense. Do you understand?”
“I know what you’re sayin’ and okay, yeah, you’re right. Those are shitty reasons but you can’t know for sure that she doesn’t love Brian. Please baby…you know I can’t bail on her now. I’m the only friend she has. I have to be there for her. It’s her life, I’ve already tried to advise her but she’s made up her mind.” Ally said, “I gotta go…are you coming or what?”
“I’m sorry baby, I can’t. This is wrong.”
“Fine. Don’t be mad at me.”
“I could never be mad at you…I don’t want you to be mad at me though.”
“I’m not…I love you. I was hoping to show you just how much under a nice romantic waterfall in Hawaii though. But…I guess some other tim…” AJ stopped her.
“What are we waiting for?! We’re gonna miss our flight! Let’s go woman…get your bags!”
“Really? Ok, lemme get something…I’ll be right back.”
“Ok, hurry.” AJ yelled to her.

   While Ally went upstairs to grab one last thing to pack, AJ called Nick. He told him that he can’t stall anymore and to meet them at the airport, flight 655 to Hawaii. Ally and AJ leave and soon meet up with Brian, Katie, Howie, Tanya, Kristin, and Kevin at the airport.

“How’s the groom doing?” Ally said to Brian.
“Just great…I’ve got my two favorite people here.” Brian said putting his hand on Katie’s stomach.
“Yeah, aww, how you feeling today anyway, Katie?” Ally smiled.
“Better, just a little morning sickness.” Katie laughed, “This little guy is coming along fine.”

   They all spent the rest of the time waiting for the flight, just chatting. Meanwhile, Nick took the first airport exit he saw. AJ began to look around, pacing, and Ally noticed the funny way he was acting, so she pulled him aside.

“What did you do McLean?” she said.
“I love when you call me that! “ AJ smiled.
“Don’t get cute with me, Alex! What did you do?” Ally asked again.
“Nothing, I didn’t do…ahh, for shit, why can’t I lie to you??”
“Cause you love me.”
“I told him…he’s on his way.”
“Oh God, AJ! What are you doing?”
“I’m trying to avoid a huge disaster.” He said as his cell phone rang. He answers it and it’s Nick who is stuck in traffic.

~END of Chapter 17~

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