Chapter 18:

Ally took the cell phone from AJ and began to talk to Nick.

“Ally? Where’d AJ go?” Nick asked.
“I killed him, what do you want?” Ally said as AJ looked at her and smiled cause he knows…well hopes…that she’s only playing.
“Al, please don’t let her get married. Is that baby mine?” Nick sincerely asked as Ally remained quiet, “Ally? Are you still there?”
“Yeah, I’m here. And I dunno, Nick. She doesn’t either. But she’s gonna marry Brian because he doesn’t care if it’s his or not. Plus, he swore to her that he’d be there for her and the baby no matter what.” Ally told him, “He wouldn’t hurt her while she was down like you did.”
“Al, I know what I did was beyond fucked up, I was just…scared.” Nick said.
“You were scared? Of what?” Ally asked.
“I love her so much, I never felt that way before, it totally scared me. I didn’t know how to react to it, so I tried to block her out with Brie. I was so wrong, stupid…but now I may be too late to save anything.” Nick said lowering his voice.
“You really do love her…don’t you?” Ally said as a smile grew on AJ’s face, he knew Nick was getting to Ally’s soft side.
               “Yes, with everything I am. That’s why I need you to help me…please?” Nick pleaded, “Tell me when and where everything goes down.”
               “I’m going to tell you…but so help me if you hurt my friend again. You will be one dead man!” Ally yelled, “She loves you too and this is the right thing to do.”
“Oh, Thank-you, Ally! And I swear, I’ll love her until the day I die.” Nick yelled.
           “Okay, here’s all the info.” Ally began, “We’re staying at the Maui Crowne Plaza. The ceremony is at sunset on the beach and Katie will be in the wedding room at 3pm. So, you need to your ass to that room as soon as you can!” Ally said.
           “Oh, I owe you my life, Ally…Thank-you again.”
            “Don’t thank me yet…our flight is about to board!”
            “Shit! I’m not gonna make it!” Nick said beeping his horn.
            “Just get the next flight out.” Ally told him.
            “No, I’ll do one better than that…I get a private jet!” Nick yelled.
            “Fine, whatever, just get there before sunset. I have to go no.” Ally said.
            “I will…and Ally?” Nick said.
            “What?” She said quickly and quietly.
            “The next time you see my girl, would you please tell her, that I love her.”
            “I’ll try…just get down here and you can do that yourself! Bye.” Ally said hanging up.
            “God, If you’re listening, Please let this work.” Nick said as he drove.

               Nick proceeded to the airport and finally made it. As he thought, he was too late for the flights to Hawaii and without hesitation, he made arrangements for a private jet. If there were no snags along the way, he’d be at the hotel by sunset.
               Meanwhile, Brian and Katie had no idea what two of their best friends were planning with Nick or even that Nick knew about today’s events. They were going on with the plans.
               Brian, Katie, AJ, Ally, Kevin, Kristin, Howie and Tanya were all aboard the plane as it headed to the beautiful island of Hawaii for the wedding.

            “Almost there.” Brian softly whispered to a sleeping Katie.
            “Really?!” Katie blinked her eyes open and squealed.
            “Yup, soon you’ll be Mrs. Littrell.”
            “Oh, sounds good to me.”
            “Me too. And there is nothing or anyone that can stop us now. I love you baby girl.” Brian smiled.
            “I love you too.” Katie smiled as Brian began to kiss her.

                Ally overheard Brian’s last sentence and couldn’t help but sigh.

            “Oh Bri baby, there’s someone on the way to stop this. I really hope he makes it in time.” She whispered as she watched Brian take care of her best friend, “You are a great guy but Katie belongs with Nick. I just hope you’ll understand that.” She said aloud as AJ came back to his seat.
           “He will.” AJ said as he kissed her cheek, “Plus, he’ll have us for support. This will all work out baby, I promise.”
           “I hope you’re right.” Ally said as the flight attendant began to talk.
           “If you could all return to your seats, fasten your seatbelts, and make sure everything is properly stowed away. We are about to make our decent into the Hawaiian Airport.  Thank-you.” The flight attendant concluded.

               Everyone was quite excited. Brian and Katie for their wedding, Ally and AJ for Nick’s arrival…and that waterfall, and Nick for getting Katie back.  Within a few hours, everything would change for these five souls.

~End of Chapter 18~

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