Chapter 4:

    :: on the deck ::

“I still can't believe you're here.” Nick said just staring at Katie.
“I either. It's great to see you again too, Nick.”  Katie said.
“'re even more beautiful now.” Nick smiled.
“Awa, thanks Nick. You're not so bad yourself.” Katie said as she began to blush.
“Thanks. I see you still have your sense of humor.” Nick laughed.
“Always and forever.  You gotta keep on smiling.” she said.
“Why didn't you contact me sooner?”
“Well, its not that I didn't want to...but I didn't want it to seem like I was just calling because your 'Nick, the Backstreet Boy'...and I was trying to score some passes or something.” Katie said as she lowered her head.
“No, I would have never thought of that. You could have called anytime for passes, I would have loved to see ya sooner.”  He said as he lifted her head.
“Don't tell me friends that. Every since I told them about you and me...they bothered me to contact you, so they could meet you guys!” Katie laughed.
“Ha, Ha,” Nick started to laugh, “at least they made my wish come true with theirs.”
“Your wish? What would that be?” Katie questioned.
“Yeah,” Nick said, “they brought the only girl I've ever loved back to me.”
“Wow...that was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.” Katie blushed again.

     Nick leaned in to kiss Katie and in the middle of the soft gently kiss...he stopped.

“What?” Katie said surprisingly.
“You don't have a boyfriend, do ya?” Nick asked.
“No.”  She answered.

  With her answer, Nick deepened the Kiss.

         :: At the Pizza Place ::

“OK, who wants another slice?” Kevin asked.
“Definitely, not me,” Ally said, “I am full!”
“Me either. I think we're all full.” Brian said rubbing his stomach.
“Yeah...what should we do now?”  Ally asked knowing that they shouldn't go home yet.
“Well,” Brie started to giggle, “let's go see if Nick and Katie are kissing yet.”
“ I doubt that's happening.” Howie chimed in.
“Why?” Ally questioned Howie.
“Oh because of this minor detail,” AJ laughed, “called his girlfriend, Ashley.”
“What? He has a girlfriend?!” Ally yelled.
“He better not play with my friend Katie's heart!” Brie yelled.
“He better not,” Brian said thinking he was thinking to himself, “cuz I wouldn't mind getting with her...What?!” Brian said with everyone looking at him.
“You said that out loud!” Kevin laughed at his cousin.
“Oh...sorry.” Brian said as everyone laughed.
“Hey, after this, can you guys bring Allyssa & me to our we can unpack?” Brie asked the Boys.
“Sure ladies...but we're gonna chill 2nite, right?” AJ asked with a smirk on his face.
“Oh, of course...what do you have in mind, AJ?” Ally smirked back.
“Well...” AJ was interrupted.
“AJ, Stop it! Uhmm, How about clubbing?” Kevin suggested.
“Yeah! I love to dance!” Brie said.
“All right Guys. Kevin, AJ & Howie take the girls to their hotel and I'll go by Nick's House.” Brian said.
“All right B.” They chimed back.
“Have Katie come back to the hotel to unpack and to get share the details with us.” The girls said as they began to giggle.
“Shall we meet at Nicks house @ 7:30?” Howie suggested.
“Yeah...I'll get the girls at their hotel and meet you all there, Ok?”  Brian offered.
“Sounds great...see'ya B! Bye.”  They all said as they head out the door.
“Bye guys.” Brian yelled back at them.

      AJ, Kev, and Howie brought Brie & Ally to the hotel and Brian headed to Nick's house.

      :: At Nick's House ::

“Wow...where did you learn to kiss like that?” Nick said as he catched his breath.
“I've had lots of practice.” Katie smirked.
“Oh really?” He smirked back.
“I am only playing with ya!” She laughed.
“Well, want to watch a movie or something?” He asked.
“Sure...what movie?” She asked.
“I dunno...but are we actually gonna watch it?”
“Nick, down boy!”

  They both laugh and they go hand-n-hand to the TV room. They sit close to each other but not close enough for Nick.

“Why are you sitting there?” He pointed.
“What? Sitting where?” She said looking puzzled.
“Come closer to me.” Nick smiled at her.
“Nick, any closer and I'd be on your lap!” She smiled back.
“Exactly.” He said as he grabbed her hand. Katie smiled & crawled over to him and got comfortable on him. He held her so tight as they tried to watch the movie.
“Do you really still wanna watch this?” Nick asked.
“Yeah...this is the best part where...” Katie was interrupted by Nick's kiss.
“Okay, I've seen this before anyway!” She said kissing him back.
      Nick laid her down on the couch and starts to kiss her more passionately.

     :: Meanwhile ::

“Nick! Katie! Where are you two?” Brian yells at he enters the house.
       When Brian gets no answer. He searches the house and finds them in the TV room.
“Oh, here you are....Oh my Lord!” Brian covers his eyes.
“Ah, Rok, we were just watching a movie.” Nick jumped up.
“Sure...was it an interactive movie?” He stared at Nick.
“No,” Nick stared back at Brian, “so what's up? Why you here?”
“Where are my friends?” Katie asked while fixing her hair.
“Oh, they went to the hotel to unpack-they want you to come there also.” He told her.
“Ok cool,” she said, “I need to unpack also.”
“All right...I'll take you now.” Brian offered.
“Thanks!  Bye Nick.” She says as she gives him a little kiss on the check.
“Bye babe.” He smiles and waves back at her.
“Oh, btw, Nick...we are all gonna go clubbing 2nite. Soo, if ya wanna call Ashley, we're gonna meet here at 7:30, Ok?” Brian told Nick.
“Ashley?” Katie asked.
“Yeah, Nick's Girlfriend,” Brian continued, “he must have forgotten to mention her to you.”
“What?!” Katie looked at Brian and Nick.
“Katie, babe...”  Nick says as he grabs her arm.
“Don't touch me.” She yells as she pulls away from him.
“Wait, Please listen to me...” Nick pleaded to her.
“How could you say those things to me and kiss me like that when you have a girlfriend??” Katie questioned.
“I, I...” Nick said, “I Love you.”
“Save it! Brian, I wanna go now.” Katie said as she runs to the car.
“What the hell was that for Brian?!” Nick yelled
“I didn't wanna see her get hurt.” Brian told him.
“I would never hurt her!” Nick said losing his temper.
“Nick, you have a girlfriend and you’re kissing her,” Brian yelled, “C'mon, she was bound to get hurt sooner or later!”
“My soul mate now hates me,” Nick said, “I've waited so long to have her again!”
“She doesn't hate you...and never will. She is just upset that you played her like that.  I better go now...see'ya later, ok man?” Brian said as he headed to the door.
“Yeah...sure, whatever. I'll see'ya Later, Rok.”

                  *END of CHAPTER 4*

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