Chapter 5:

    :: in the car w/ Brian & Katie ::

        Katie is just sobbing as they drove to the hotel.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Brian asked all concerned.
“Yeah,” she said through the sobs, “I'm, I'm ok.”
“Are you sure?” He said.
“No, I am not that sure....How could he?” She yelled.
“Wanna talk about it?” Brian asked as he puts his hand on her leg.
“Yeah...sure.” She smiled over at him as Brian pulled over the car and turns to face Katie.
“Ok,” Brian said, “I am here for you.”
“Brian, how could he? How could he say I'm beautiful and that the loved me,” Katie continued, ”when he has a girlfriend?!”
“Well, I think he has always loved you...and always will. And as for the beautiful part...I couldn't agree more w/ him. But he is normal,” Brian continued, “like the rest if us and acted with his emotions at the time and didn't even think of the consequences.”
“Awwa, thank-you Brian,” Katie smiled, “I hope your right. But I can't be with him...not after knowing about his girlfriend.”
“I understand that completely. And you are so welcome,” Brian said as he wiped a tear from her face, “so stop crying and show me that beautiful smile.”
“I feel much better now,” Katie said as she smiled, “Thank-you again.”
:: Meanwhile ::

    Nick calls the Hotel to check on Katie.

“Hello?” Ally answers the phone.
“Hey, Its Nick”
“Hey Nick, its Allyssa.”
“ Katie there yet?”
“ not yet. Why?”
“I really, really need to talk to her.”
“Oh, I see...” <Katie walks in w/ Brian> “...oh, she's here now, hold on.”
“Its for you Katie.”
“Who is it?”
“Your man...Nick.”
“He's not my man and I don't wanna talk to him right now!” Katie yelled.
“Nick, she said...”
      <Katie picks up the other phone>
“I heard her...Just tell her I am very, very sorry for everything and I won't give up on our love....ever.”
“Ok, I will tell her.” Ally promised.
“Thanks...bye.” Nick hung up.

“You two better start talking and filling us in!” Brie demanded.
“Well, basically...Nick sweet talked me and stupid me falls for it and make-outs w/ him...only to find out about he has a girlfriend already!” Katie yelled.
“You're not stupid, Katie.” Brian stated.
“Thanks Brian.”
“Are you serious? He didn't tell you before hand?” Brie said in shock.
“NO! He asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said NO...but I never thought to ask him if he had a girlfriend. And if it weren't for Brian...I would have never known!” Katie said.
“I can't believe that. Thanks Brian,” Ally said, “You really helped out our friend avoid a lot of pain.”
“No problem.  Anytime.  So, we're all going clubbing still, right?” Brian said trying to change the subject.
“Yeah!  Definitely!” Brie and Ally exclaimed.
“No, I don't wanna go.” Katie stated.
“What? Don't be silly,” Brian demanded, “you're going.”
“I'm sorry...but I really don't feel like going right now,” she said, “after what happened with Nick.”
“Well, I'm not taking 'NO' for an answer! You are going clubbing with us and not only that,” Brian continued, “but you're gonna do me the honor of taking you to dinner.”
“Brian, I...” Katie tried to explain.
“Uhuh, No excuses. I'll be back here @ 7 and we'll take the girls to meet the guys and we'll meet them all at the club after dinner, Ok?” Brian said.
“All right. I guess you aren't going to let me stay here 2nite.”
“No way! I'll see you ladies in an hour! Bye.”
     Katie, Allyssa & Brianna all say “Bye” to Brian.
“Ah,” Ally giggles, “Brian really likes you.”
“'s so obvious.” Brie chimes in.
“Stop!  He does not,” Katie yelled, “He is just trying to make me feel better. What's wrong with being Nice?”
“Nothing,” Ally smiled, “whatever you say.”
      The girls get ready & before long...Brian is back.

<Knock, Knock>

“Hey Brian...come in.” Katie says as she moves to let Brian come in.
“Hey,” Brian stood stunned, “you look beautiful.”
”Thank-you,” Katie blushes, “you look handsome.”
”Thanks. This is for you.” Brian says as hands her a red rose.
”I better put this in some water;” Katie smiled, “before it dries up.”
      Ally & Brie watch Katie enter the room and start singing, "Katie & Brian...".

”Stop that,” Katie whispers to the girls, “Brian is waiting for us!”
”Ok,” the girls yell back, “we'll be there in a minute!”
”All right,” Brie comes walking out; “I am ready to get my groove on!”
”Ok then,” Brian laughs, “let's get going.”

     They all go over to Nick's house & arrive safely.
”Well,” Katie said, “tell everyone we'll see them later at the club.”
”Yeah,” Brian chimed in, “we should be there by 9 ish.”
”All right, have an awesome time you two!” Ally & Brie said as the left the car.
”You too,” Brian and Katie said at the same time, “Bye!”
”So,” Katie asked as they pulled away, “where you taking me?”
”This cozy little Italian Place that I love!” Brian answered.
”Sounds nice,” Katie said, “I love Italian food.”
”It should be a great night.” Brian says as he places his hand on her leg.

    :: Inside Nick's House ::
        Everyone looks at Ally & Brie walking in w/o Brian & Katie.

”Where's Brian & Katie?” AJ questions.
”Uhmm,” Brie noticed Nick entering the room; “he took her to dinner before the club.”
”Why?!” Nick shouted.
“He wanted to cheer her up and it was working.” Ally said.
“Oh, I see,” Nick said, “are they gonna meet us at the club later?”
“ 9ish.” Ally told them all.
“That's cool. Well, let's get going,” AJ said giving orders, “Nick, get Ashley & Kevin.”
“All right...Ashley & Kev,” Nick yelled, “Lets go!”
“Thanks Frack,” AJ laughed, “I could have done that!”
“Ok, sweetie,” Ashley smiled, “we're here.”
“Ashley,” Nick said, “these are Katie's, my friend that's visiting, two friends Allyssa & Brianna.”
“Hi's nice to meet you,” Ashley looked around, “where is Katie?”
“Nice to meet you too,” the girls responded, “she went to dinner with Brian.”
“Oooh, maybe a love connection,” Ashley said, as everyone looked at Nick, “I hope I can meet her soon.”
“Nah, Ash is wrong,” Nick said thinking to himself, “Katie & Brian?”
“You will,” Ally told Ashley, “later at the club.”
“Awesome,” Ashley said, “let's go then.”
“I second that,” Kevin yelled, “we're out.”
     They all get in their respective cars & head towards the club.
     At the same time Katie & Brian arrive at the restaurant and walk in hand-n-hand.

                                   *END OF CHAPTER 5*

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