Chapter 8:
     *The Next Morning *

            :: Brian & Katie ::

    Brian is the first on to wake up. He sits there thinking to himself.  "How did I get so lucky?  I have the most beautiful girl wrapped up in my arms."  He turns to Katie and whispers into her ear... "I love you, Katie."
Brian then gets out of bed slowly and grabs a clean pair of boxers as he heads to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

           :: Flash to Nick ::
       He arrives @ the girl's hotel, he knocks on the door again, hoping to see Katie.

“Is someone at the door, Brie?” Ally said in a groggy voice.
“I think get it.” Brie mumbles back.
“No, you get it.”
“Fine, we'll both get it.”
       They open the door.
“Nick?” Ally asked.
“Yeah, sorry. Did I wake you guys up?”
“Yeah, come in,” Brie said opening the door wider, “its too early to be the hallway.”
“Thanks...I'll let you two go back to sleep...I need to talk to Katie.”
“Oh, sorry Nick,” Ally said, “It looks like Katie hasn't come home from last night.”
“She's prolly at...” Brie started to say.
“I know where she is! I'm heading over there now.”
“Nick, don't do anything stupid!”
“I won't Ally!!” He yelled as he ran down the hallway.

“Poor Guy...” Ally said.
“Poor Katie...” Brie said.
“Let's go to sleep!” They both said in unison.
          :: At Brian's House ::

   Nick rings the doorbell making Brian put down the plate of pancakes he made and head towards the door wearing only his boxers.

“Hey Nick...what's up?”
“Not much B...can I come in?”
“Yeah sure,” Brian said as Katie rolls over to see Brian not there and heads downstairs to the smell of delicious pancakes.
“I gotta ask you something...Do you know where...”  Nick was interrupted by the sound of Katie's voice.
“Bri-Bri, where are my clothes?” Katie said coming downstairs wrapped in Brian's sheets.
“Nevermind! It's just been answered!”  Nick yells as he slams the door as he leaves.

“Who was that?” Katie questioned Brian.
“Just Nick...he saw you coming downstairs and ran out before I could say a thing to him.”
“Oh well, we'll talk to him later...once he calms down.”
“Yeah, so beautiful...want breakfast?”
“Sure, but I need my clothes first.”
“Why?” Brian says as he wraps his arm around her waist, “You aren't thinking about putting them on, are ya?”
“Yeah,” she said smiling, “unless you want everyone at my hotel to stare at me when I walk through the hallways to my room.”
“Who said I was letting you go yet?”
“Oh well...are you gonna make it worth my wild to stay?” She smirks as Brian grabs her and pulls her so she's pressed up against him.
“Ohh, don't you worry about that...I'm gonna take more than enough care of you and make it so you never ever wanna leave these arms.”  He said as they start kissing passionately.
“I love you...”
“I love you too.”
        Brian felt like a million bucks because it was the first time Katie told him that she loved him back.

“Let's go have breakfast,” Katie said, “I am starving and then I better go make a guest appearance at my hotel before Ally & Brie start to worry.”
“Anything your heart desires baby,”  Brian smiled, “and I made pancakes.”
“Sounds yummy,” Katie said as they go to have breakfast.

Then head towards the hotel after breakfast and arrive shortly thereafter.

“Do you have to go?” Brian pouted.
“Yeah sweetie, just for a little while. I gotta see my friends and let them know I am okay.”
“All right, but will you spend tonight with me?”
“Definitely,” Katie said as she climbed back in the car and kisses him as she runs her hand down his body, “because it's my turn to rock your world.”
“Oh baby, don't tease me like that!”
“See'ya Later Honey.”
“C'mon Katie...I need you now.”
“Later Brian, wait till Later...Bye.”
“All right...Bye Beautiful.”

       :: Upstairs in the Girl's Hotel Room ::
            Katie walks in to the stares from Ally & Brie.

“Hey!” Katie cheerfully yells.
“Well, look who it is Brie? Could that be our friend Katie?” Ally said sarcastically.
“It looks and sounds like her!” Brie said just equally sarcastic.
“Shut-up guys! What's up?” Katie laughed.
“What's up?! You should be telling us what you were doing last night!” Ally looked at her.
“Well, you know where I was...”
“No, we don't tell us!” Brie yelled.
“I was with Brian.”
“Doing what?” Ally asked being her nosy self.
“Well, we talked and went in the hot tub...then uhmm...”
“You didn't?!” Brie exclaimed.
“Yeah, I did.”
“Oh My God, what were you thinking?” Ally said slapping her in the arm.
“Well, OUCH! And I dunno. I went with him thinking of Nick, wondering what he was thinking about all of this, and then Brian totally made me forget him. He was so sweet and told me he loved was just a wonderful night. I think I'm in love with him.”
“Say what?! He loves you and you think you love him all in one day?!” Ally stood in shock.
“Yeah, haven't you ever heard of love at first sight?!” Katie snapped back.
“Yes, but your just trying to fill the void in your heart that Nick left. You know damn well that you love Nick and not Brian.” Ally shoot back at her.
“No! And what's wrong with loving two great guys? Nick is just a friend now...we can't be anything more.  He is with Ashley now, remember?” Katie glared at Ally.
“Uhmm, him & Ashley broke up.” Brie finally spoke up.
“When? How do you know?” Katie asked curiously.
“Yeah Brie...Tell her how you know.” Ally said trying to cause trouble as Katie stood there puzzled.
“Well, Nick stopped by here last night to see talk to you about a bunch of things.” Brie started.
“Oh really? He came over to Brian's house earlier and when he saw me, he just left.”  Katie thought.
“Oh well, he was pretty upset when he found out you weren't here, so I talked to him.”
“Well...what did he say?”
“Uhmm, basically that he couldn't believe that he messed things up w/ you and now you were with Brian. And, uhmm, that he still loves you.”
“He said he still loves me?” Katie said as she falls to the bed, “Aahh, what's a girl to do?!”
“But there is something else I should tell you...” Brie walked away from Katie.
“Ok, shoot girl.”
“While Nick was here...I had to, uhmm, comfort him...and well, we just got caught in the moment.”
“Oh! Oh, I see.”
“Don't be mad, Katie.”
“Why would I be mad? I mean, I have Brian and you can be with Nick now. It's Kool.  Well, I gotta go.”
“Katie, are you sure your okay?” Ally looked at her.
“Yup, I'm just fine.”
“Where you going?” Ally asked.
“Brian's house...I promised him that I would stay there tonight, so I'll go early instead.”
“Have fun.”  Brie said feeling horrible.
“Be safe.”  Ally said being her virgin self.
“Ok, I will.  Bye Chicas.” Katie said as she left the hotel room.

    :: At Brian's House ::
            Katie walks in Brian's house looking shocked.

“Hey, Baby doll, why are you here?” Brian said shock to see her so early.
“What's a matter with you? You seem like something is bothering you...”
“ it's nothing. Just that...”
”What baby? Please tell me. Did you argue with Brie and Ally?”
“No, No. I just found out that Brie and Nick got together last night.”
“What? What do you mean got together?”
“I mean, they slept together last night.”
“Oh? And what do you think about that?”
“It's kool with me. I mean, they're both adults who can make their own decisions. Anyway, why should I care?   I have a wonderful man who makes me happy too. I wish them luck, really I do.”
“You dunno how happy I am to hear you say that.”
“Well baby, get ready cause I intend to make you a very happy man for the next few hours.” Katie smirked, as Brian looked at her a little surprised at her openness.
“Unless you don't want me to?”
“No, noo, nooo, no.  I mean, yes! Yes, I want you to.”
“Ok well, follow me then.”
         Katie led Brian back to his bedroom once again. As soon as they reached the room, Katie threw Brian onto the bed so he could watch her undress in front of him. She slowly removed her shorts first followed by her tank top until she stood nude in front of his eyes. Brian stood up slowly and walked towards Katie. They embraced for a second before Katie started to tug on the waist of Brian's pants. He took that as a sign and quickly removed them as well as his boxers. Katie helped him off with his T-shirt in the process. Then after he was naked as well, she placed him on the bed once more only this time she crawled over until she was straddling him. She let him adjust himself at her opening but quickly took over as she thrust her hips towards him taking his entire manhood deep inside her aching body. She rode him for what seemed like an eternity.
    When she finally stopped she kissed her way down his chest until she was aced with his rock hard dick. She ever so slowly licked the tip causing him to jump from the unexpected warmth of her tongue. Katie wasted no time in making him relax as she deep throated him repeatedly.  She continued this torturous pleasure on him for hours as a thank-you for everything he'd done to help her try to forget the pain she was experiencing because of Nick.

”So, what was that for?!” Brian asked.
“ know like?!” Katie pouted.
“No, me really like!”
“I thought so...It was just a thank-you gift.”
“A thank-you gift?”
“Yeah, we have been there for me through out all this whole mess and no words could express how much that means to me. And I thank-you for I had to show you.” She smiles over at Brian.
“Your welcome,” Brian said with a huge smile on his face, “and thank-you for being here with me.  I love you.”
“I, I Love you too.”

        :: Meanwhile Nick places a call to AJ ::

“Hey Bone...”
“Nick? Is that you?”
“Yeah, it's me.”
“Hey, what's up? You sound down...You all right?”
“Well...Katie is with Brian but I want her w/ me. I saw them together this morning and it just broke my heart. I was looking to tell her, I, I Love her and want her back. But now that's, that's just never gonna happen.”
“Never say never, my man. Love works in mysterious ways...I'm sure you guys will talk everything out and remain friends and who knows what after that.”
“I know, but once she finds out I slept w/ Brie...”
“You did what? You're screwed.”
“I was in the heat of the moment. It was confessing to Brie my love for Katie and when I got all upset...she comforted me.”
“Well, I am sorry about all this, why don't you come out with me and Ally tonight? Ally wanted Brie to come along she won't be alone. I guess, you can be her date.”
“Oh, I dunno. I think I'll stay home tonight.”
“You're going man! Do you think Katie is sitting home doing nothing?!”
“I don't even wanna think what she and, and Brian are doing.”
“Exactly! And if you stay home...that's what your gonna think about.”
“Yeah, I guess your right.”
“I'm always right. We will be at your house by 7.  Bye man.”
“Ok, bye.”


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