Chapter 9:

   One month had passed and everyone had made changes in their lives. Katie & Brie had started college at the University of Central Florida and Ally was still undecided about school. But the girls did all buy an apartment together. Katie and Brian are still together as well as Ally and AJ. But as a shock to everyone, Nick and Brie, developed a relationship. Katie and Nick spoke, maybe 3 words, to each other in a month but that was about to change soon.

            :: Nick and Brie ::

“What do you say we host a picnic/BBQ here tomorrow?” Nick suggested.
“Why? I don't mind but what's the reason?”  Brie asked curiously.
“Ah, well, I want to see everyone. We had a month away from each other and I want to see them.”
“Nick, you saw the boys just last week. Well, everyone except...oh, I understand now. You want to see Katie and Brian.”
“No. Yeah, I wanna see Brian and see how he's doing.”
“What and no Katie?”
“To be honest Brie, I have nothing to say to her.”
“C'mon, this is getting ridiculous! You don't even come over to our apartment because she's need to talk to her about your feelings!”
“I don't have any feelings towards her. I'm gonna go call AJ, Howie, Kev, and Brian ONLY. You can tell Ally to come also.”
“Okay,” Brie said whispering to herself, “and Katie will be here also.”

        Nick made his calls and Brie returned to the apartment where Ally & Katie were.

“Hey Brie, AJ just called me and said Nick wanted to have a picnic type thing tomorrow.” Ally said.
“Yeah, he does. He wants everyone there...even you Katie.” Brie turned to Katie.
“Me? I doubt that. He won't talk to me only Brian. I guess it's a guy thing.”
“Whatever! I invited you and you're coming with Brian!” Brie yelled.
“All right, sounds fine to me.” Katie smiled.
“Great! It starts @ be there!” Brie said as she headed to her room.
“We will!” Ally and Katie said in unison.
“But Ally will prolly be late.” Katie said laughing.
“I'll be late? Whatever...I'm always on time!” Ally said as both girls laughed.
    “...well, I'm going out with AJ I'll see'ya guys later.”
“Oh, I'll walk out with you. I'm staying with Brian 2night.” Katie told Ally.
“All right guys, have fun tonight. I'll prolly see'ya at the picnic.” Brie yelled from her room.
“Definitely...bye Brie.” The girls yelled as they walk out the door.
“Bye.”  Brie yelled back.

* Day of the Picnic *

                 :: Katie & Brian ::

"Baby, are you sure your ready for today?" Brian asked Katie as he hugged her.
"Why wouldn't I be? I'm not gonna let Nick ruin my day. I'm really looking forward to seeing him...maybe we can work things out."
"I sure hope so. I'd love to have my 2 best friends...friends again! Plus, with that outfit your wearing, any guy would be your friend."
"Thank-you sweetie." Katie said as she was laughing.
"We better head on's almost 3."  Brian said.

                 :: At Nick's House ::

"Thanks for having us all over, Nick."  Ally said.
"Yeah, thanks man."  AJ said patting him on the back.
"No Problem. I wanted us all to chill one more time before all the new album stuff."
"Okay, who wants hot dogs? burgers? chicken?" Kevin yelled from behind the grill.
"Since when did you become the chef?" Ally laughed.
"I am a master of the BBQ...never forget that!" Kevin told everyone as they laughed.
"So, where's Bri and Katie?" Howie said.
"Only Brian is coming...he should be here soon." Nick said aloud.
"Oh, no Katie? Is she sick?" Howie said as he looked at the others.
"Nope." Nick said sternly.
"I'm going to go grab a drink from inside...anyone want one?" Brie said trying to change the subject.
"I do...but I'll come in to get it in a minute." Nick told her.
"Okay babe." Brie said as she headed in the house.
"Hey guys," Brie yelled when she saw Brian and Katie entering the house, "glad you're here!"
"I told you I would be here." Katie said as she hugged her.
"And you know I don't miss free food." Brian laughed.
"Well, head outside then," Brie said. "Oh Damn! We don't have the stuff to make my favorite drink!"
"Well, we can go to the store." Katie offered.
"Yeah, Katie and I can go for you." Brian told Brie.
"No, I'll go," Brie said, "you go enjoy the party."
"No, don't go by yourself...I'll go with you." Katie said.
"No, stay here...everyone wants to see you." Brie said walking towards the door.
"Ok, well...Brian, will you go with her, Please?" Katie looked a Brian with those green eyes.
"Sure, let's go Brie," Brian said, "I love you, babe."
"Love you too," Katie said as they headed out the door, "Hurry back!"

      Katie was about to open the deck door when it just flew open.

"Well, if it isn't 'Brian's spoiled lil Princess'...where's your prince?" Nick glared at Katie.
"Hi to you too, Nick. He went w/ Brie to the store. Excuse me, I'm going outside to see the others."
"No," Nick said pushing her back, "who the hell invited you? I only invited Brian."
"Brie said I was."
"She must have been mistaken...I said I wanted my 'friends' here."
"Well, I'm here now w/ Brian...excuse me."
"I don't see Brian?!" Nick said as he looked around.
"He'll be right back. I thought maybe we could talk things out, but I was wrong. Excuse me." Katie told Nick.
"Maybe I should warn Ally, Kev, AJ, and Howie?"
"Warn them...why? Wait! I don't wanna know."
"Well, there are still 3 Backstreet Boys out there that you haven't fucked over one way or another...why not go 3 for 5 and steal your best friend's man today?!"
"Why are you doing this, Nick?"
"Doing what? Once a slut always a slut, right?!"
"Nick Carter, you know me better than that. You caused us to be in this situation!" Katie yelled with a tear forming in her eye.
"I thought I knew you...but I was wrong. I didn't know you were someone who would jump in bed with your friend's best friend just to make him jealous. Ya know what, I want you to leave now!"
"Fine. Tell Brian, I, I...forget it," Katie said now crying, "I better go."

"Was that Katie?" AJ said as Katie slammed the door.
"It looked like her...Nick, was that Katie?" Ally asked Nick.
"Yup, it was."  Nick told Ally.
"Why did she leave so fast?"
"I told her too."
"What? Why did you do that?" AJ asked all confused.
"Yeah, Why did you do that!? Where's Brian!?" Ally repeated.
"He's with Brie at the store. Damn, I think she was crying when she left. I just lost my temper and said things I shouldn't have."
"Oh God! AJ, we need to go find her," Ally said all worried, "and this storm is moving in here now and its already starting to rain."
"No, I will go," Nick said grabbing his coat, " we need to talk anyway."
"I think you did enough, Nick!" Ally snapped at him.
"Wait Ally...let him go," AJ explained. "All right man...Howie and Kevin already left. Ally & I are gonna go to my place...ok?"
"All right, if you see Brian, tell him nothing about this, ok?"
"Nick, just call us when you get her, ok?" Ally looked at him.
"Okay! Lock the door behind you!" Nick yelled as he ran out to his car and Ally & AJ locked up.

"Where would she be?" Nick thought to himself.  "I got it!"

       Nick arrived at the docks and sure enough found Katie there.

"Oh God, go away! I don't wanna talk to said enough already!"
"Listen, it's starting to rain and there is a nasty storm upon us and its only gonna get worse, so get in the car and I'll take you to Brian's."
"No, I'll walk there."
"Katie, it's flooding can yell at me all you want...just please get in the car!"
"No, Nick...go home!"
"Please, I am so sorry. You’re getting all wet down there...come on the dock before..." Nick tried to think of something that would get Katie to come up on the dock, "a shark washes where you’re standing."
"OMG, help me up on the dock!"
"I knew that would get you up here. Now, come w/ me." Nick yelled as Katie just walked pass him and down the dock.
         "...Okay, you asked for it!" He yelled as he ran up and picked Katie up and brought her to his car.
"Put me down!" She screamed.
"Can't do that, stay in the car."

   Katie didn't say a word as Nick drove off. Nick noticed that Katie was he reached back and grabbed his coat and gave it to her.

"Thank - you."
"No Problem, it's the least I can do. Oh Damn, what's this?!" Nick yelled as he brought the car to a stop as a Police Officer stood in the road.
"Sir, you must turn around...this bridge is flooded over."
"No! I need to get home!" Katie jumped.
"Sorry miss, No One is going over this bridge tonight."
“Ok, thank-u Sir,” Nick said as he turned to Katie, “Well, we have to go back to my house.”
“I guess so...Great.” Katie said as she lowered her head.
“We need to talk anyway.” Nick told her.
“Yeah, we sure do.” Katie looked at him.


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