The Matrix has you...

no, seriously it does.









real world



Welcome to the official Matrixism web site. This is your online stop for expressing ones complete and utter addiction-like devotion to the Matrixism religion. This is a site for those who are new to Matrixism and vets alike (not the animal doctors).

What is the Matrix... based religion? Well simply put, its the realization that the Matrix is real and we are all trapped in it and are monitored buy giant robots that probably look like spiders. Also that we must cause as much disarray in this fake world with the intentions to bring down those bastard machines and be free at last!

As a member of our religion you will become a fighter of freedom bent on the destruction of the world as we know it. This fake world not the real one. Also you can learn how to manipulate the world around you in a bunch of kickass ways. Like in the movie. I'm talking about Kung-Fu and stuff. Please check out the links to the left.

        ~Phasam (level 20 Freedom fighter)