Edward Davis born 22 Mar 1820, died 16 Jul 1909. Edward Davis was the son of James B. Davis and Elizabeth (Hawkins)Davis. Edward was born near Lexington, Kentucky on 22 Mar 1820 and died on 16 July 1909 in Cass County, Virginia, Illinois. He came to Cass County in 1835. He married Julia Ann Davis 1 Nov 1838 in Cass County, the daughter of James Davis and Elizabeth Foster.

The children of Edward Davis and Julia Ann Davis were:
  1. James Hawkins Davis, b 22 Sep 1839; d 6 Jun 1853 in Cass County, Illinois (Clark Cemetary)
  2. Mary Elizabeth Davis, b 30 May 1841; d 4 Jun 1915 in Cass County, Illinois (Clark Cemetary)
  3. Elias Davis, b 20 Feb 1844; d 3 Jul 1928 in Cass County, Illinois.
  4. Itha J. Davis, b 12 Jan 1846, m John Hula.
  5. Lemmon Davis, b 12 Nov 1848; d 2 Oct 1865, Cass Co, Ill (Clark Cemetary)
  6. Harriett Davis, b 11 Nov 1850 m William Way
  7. Lewis Charles Davis, b 27 Jul 1853, m. Anna Eliza Miller Jan 2 1842, b. Jun 16 1849, d. Apr 14 1926, Clark Cem, Cass Co, IL.
  8. Perry Davis, b 22 May 1856; d 1 Jan 1915, Howard Township, Bates Co, MO; m. Ellen(Ella) Coleman, 1886
  9. Traverse Elmore Davis, b 2 Apr 1860; d 16 Oct 1868, Cass Co, Virginia, Ill at Clark Cem.

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