The family history of James B. Davis and his wife Elizabeth Hawkins begin the generations on this page and pages that follow with his ancestors and descendants. He was the son of Charles Edwin Davis and Hannah Gaines. Welcome.

James B Davis was born between 26 Jun and 5 Dec of 1785 in Culpeper Co, Virginia and died on or before 1 May 1883, in Cass County, Illinois. Charles Edwin Davis his father moved the family to Jessamine County, Kentucky in 1796. He married Elizabeth Hawkins, daughter of John and Winny Hawkins, in Jessamine County, Kentucky on 16 Dec 1806. They lived in North Liberty, now Keene, Kentucky in 1830, taken from Page 212A of that year's census for Jessamine County, Kentucky. He moved his family to Illinois in 1835. Mom got me interested in family history, she is the Davis descendant of my family. Many origins are claimed for the name of Davis but the one I favor is that it originated from David in the Old Testament. I believe the origin of the name of David can be attributed to the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament in Chapter 4, Verses 13 - 22. I believe Davis is a name derived from the name of David, both in Wales and the Old Testament, as well as in Rev 22:16 and (verse 13) the alpha and the omega. Yes he is coming quickly (verse 20).

Our Davis Ancestors.
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Clifford Davis, Randy Davis, Carol Orwig and Thomas Smith are researching genealogy on James B. Davis, Elizabeth Hawkins and their ancestors. If you have any information please e-mail one of us (mail link is at bottom of this page). Mr. Joe Evans is researching Jennings family and his mail link is also below.
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James B Davis
1785 - 1883
List of descendents.
& Ancestors to 1540s
Jennings family tree
List of descendents of
John Jennings, born 1500
in England, ancestor of
Miriam L (Jennings)Davis
Mr. H. Graford Jennings
provided most of this information.
Christina Liming family tree.
List of descendents of
John Liming, born 1650
in England,
ancestor of Christina Liming.
She was John Barton Davis' wife.
Elijah Davis
son of
James B Davis.
1818 - 1883

Edward Davis, son of
James B Davis
1820 - 1906
Richard L Davis
Son of James BDavis.
1826 - 1904

William Davis
Son of Elijah Davis
1840 - 1920

Hannah Davis
Daughter of Elijah Davis
1841 - 1922

James Pope Davis
Son of Elijah Davis
1844 - 1906

John Barton Davis
Son of Elijah Davis.
1847 - 1920

Sarah Elizabeth Davis
Daughter of Elijah Davis
1850 - 1937

Cyrus Wright Davis
Son of Elijah Davis
1851 - 1925
Francis Marion Davis
Son of Elijah Davis
1859 - 1922

Charles Edward Davis
Son of John Barton Davis.
1870 - 1937

Lottie Ellen Davis
Daughter of
John Barton Davis.
1876 - 1948

Alvah Newton Davis
Son of Charles Edward Davis.
1894 - 1980

Miriam L Davis
Daughter of Eli Jennings
1901 - 1992

Mason Oliver Davis
Son of Charles Edward Davis.
1897 - 1977

Cyrus Allen Davis
Son of Charles Edward Davis.
1905 - 1992

Stella Pearl Davis
Daughter of
Francis Marion Davis
1886 - 1976

and research on
James B Davis and Ancestors.

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References on Charles E Davis,
his father.

e-mail links links are below for Sources.
Sources: Carol J. Orwig in Beardstown Illinois,
Sources: Clifford Davis in Lubbock Texas
Sources: Autumn Cox in Corsicana Texas,
Sources: Randy S Davis in Indianna.
Sources: H. Graford Jennings
10911 Palace Way
Dallas, TX 75218
For reference on Jennings family.
Sources: Joe Evans in Indianna for reference on Presley Jennings
or visit Joe Evans web site at
Sources: John Zieammerman in Wylie, Texas. In MEMORY of Mom
Sources: Boyce W. Davis in Prescott, Arizona. Provided many photos and information on James P Davis family to be added.
Sources: Wayne and Sharon Smith on for information on the Smith family.
They provided the majority of the information for these pages.
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