Francis Marion Davis, born on 15 Jun 1859 near Shiloh CP Church, in Cass Co., Ill, and died 5 Apr 1922 in Cass Co., Ill. He was the son of Elijah and Elizabeth (Shoopman)Davis. He married Jane Davis, 21 Aug 1881 in Cass Co., Ill.. Daughter of Richard Davis and Elizabeth Buck.
Children and Grandchildren of Francis Marion Davis and Jane Davis. They had five Children.
  1. Walter L Davis, b. 7 Apr 1883, Peculiar, Mo.; d. 13 May 1944, Cass Co., Beardstown, Ill, buried in Walnut Ridge, Virginia, Ill; m. Emma Florence Blum, 25 Feb 1903. They had three children:
    1. Emma Floy Davis 1906,
    2. Herbel Florence Davis 1906,
    3. Hilma E Davis 1911 - 1985 m. Russel Spencer. Their children are not listed.
  2. Willis F Davis, b. 8 Jun 1884, Peculiar, Mo.,; d. 21 Apr 1969, Morgan Co., Ill, Jacksonville, Ill., b Walnut Ridge Cem., Virginia, Ill., m. Barbara Kruse, 12 Dec 1911.
    (link to page showing their descendents) Their descendents: They had three children:
    1. Alice Fern Davis 1912 m. William Davidsmeier 1898 - 1985,
    2. Wilbur Davis 1914,
    3. Harold F. Davis 1919 m. Lela Mae Marr
  3. Stella Pearl Davis, b. 7 Jul 1886, Cas Co., Ill.; d. 9 May 1976, Cass Co., Ill., m. Jacob Kruse, 31 Mar 1910. Click underlined for a Photo of their marriage picture.
    (link to page showing their descendents) Their descendents:
    Their children:
    1. Carlos Jacob Kruse 1914 m. Helen Lauretta Schall 1913 - 1983. Second wife of Carlos Jacob Kruse Helen Riley 1918.
  4. Ethel Elizabeth Davis, b. 20 Dec 1896; d. 5 Dec 1957, Culberston Hosp., Rushvilleschuyler Cty., Ill.; m. Frederick William Krieg, 6 Feb 1916.
    **Click here to view photo of Ethel Elizabeth Davis.
    Their children:
    1. Alfred Frederick Krieg 1921 - 1983 m. Naomi Long 1912 - 1990,
    2. Dorothy Jane Krieg 1924 - 27 Apr 2002, m. Glen Cox 1941. Second husband of Dorothy Jane Krieg, Maurice Kennedy 1912 - 1978, m. Oct 3, 1946
    3. William F. Krieg 1926.
  5. Richard E Davis, b. 13 Sep 1901, Cass Co., Ill; d. 18 Dec 1978; m. Belle Davison, 24 Dec 1922.

The USWebGen site for Cass Co, IL has a link to a listing of biographies for Cass County, IL, 1915 that includes F. M. Davis. The article states he rented land in Missouri for first four years they were married and returned to Cass County, Illinois.
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