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Thrusts and Priorities
Thrusts and Priorities
  1. Academic Research
    • Curriculum and instructional development and review, management/organization related studies, and student/teachers related studies.
  2. Socio-Economic Research
    • Manpower/needs of industries, socio-economic profile of the communities and resource inventory (material, human, financial, etc.)
  3. Technology Development Research
    • Technology generation/verification and project feasibility studies.
  4. Agro-Industrial Development Research
    • Farming practices/problems/agricultural resource and post harvest facilities, farmers' organizations, upland farmers, root crops, coconut, abaca, etc. that are beneficial to the farmers in the First District of Samar and agribusiness.
  5. Energy Research and Development
    • Energy consumption and utilization, possible sources of energy, and non-conventional energy system.
  6. Ecological Research
    • Environmental monitoring and ecological conservation
  7. Women/Gender Research
    • Women in farming and fishing communities
    • Women in white collar profession
    • Women in blue collar job
    • Abused/battered women
    • Gender sensitivity assessment
  8. Infrastructure Research
    • Design, materials testing and feasibility studies.
  9. Marine Bio-Research
    • Inventory of marine resources, propagation and conservation of marine life, and marine culture/farming.
  10. Technoprenuership research
    • Inventory/design/utilization/application of technology-based skills to entreprenuership and other livelihood activities.

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