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It's page that will reflect the rich, heritage, and tradition of India. Col.Olcott, an eminent Egyptologer and Indologist says: "We have a right to more than suspect that India,8000 years ago sent a colony of emigrants who carried their arts and high civilisation into what is now known as Egypt." Long before the dawn of modern civilisation, the Rishis of yore were handling a variety of subjects on Science and Technology, art and culture at a time when the rest of the world were nomadics. Modern Research Scholars are of the opinion that the first treatise on Astronomical data "Vedanta Jyotisha" was compiled on or about 1,350 B.C. whereas we find a lot of precious astronomical information and data in Rik Veda which has been accepted as much anterior to that date. Research scholars like Sylvain Bailley and Dupuis aver that the Hindu Zodiac is the earliest known to man and that the first calendar was made in India in about B.C. 12,000. It has now been found that the duration of a Maha Yuga (43,20,000 years ) has been scientifically based on a particular motion of earth. The effects of Sunspots on Electro-magnetic waves and the resultant disturbances go to prove that the Hindus were absolutely correct in their Astro-Physics at about 3,800 B.C., if not earlier. The advancements made in the field of Medicine had been marvellous.We pay our tributes to Charaka, Susruta and Vakbhata who knew many things that our modern scientists are still discovering. Long before Ptolemy and Coppernicus, our Aryabhatta described the position of the Earth in the Galaxy. Bhaskaracharya had described the Laws of motion and Gravitation long before Sir Isaac Newton. The Theory of Evolution finds a prominent place in the ten Avatars of Vishnu (Dasavatara) long before Charles Darwin. In this manner, we have a great heritage in many fields like, Art, Literature, Religion, Philosophy, Science and Technology. The great forefathers bequeathed all this knowledge and more to posterity. But we in our ignorance, most ungratefully declare that they were ignorant, superstitious and uncivilised. We declared Sanskrit a dead language and closed the main gateway to the great Spiritual, Cultural and Scientific heritage and progress. There are those, both in India and abroad, who have unfortunately misunderstood our ancient culture. There are also others who have inadequately understood the deeper significance of the richness of our scriptures. Both these types will get a deeper insight into the subtle beauty of our spiritual tradition through this web site. The work is stupendous. This is just a beginning of a great and sacred work.

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