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Agency: BBDO, New York
Copy by: ??
First Appearance: February 1986

Copy from: The Clio Awards Part I: A Tribute to 30 Years of Advertising Excellence 1960-1989, Clio Enterprises, Inc., pgs. 232-3. The product name is changed here.
Visual description by: Suzanne Morine.

[Night, exterior long shot of what looks like an academic building. Trees and a lamppost are nearby. Two canned drinks machines are outside the front door. Lights are on in room one floor above them.]

Experiment number 128, telekinesis. Subject will attempt to move an object using only the powers of his mind.

[Interior of mostly-unlit room: medium shot of the SUBJECT (KRAVITZ) at the end of a long table, MAN #1 is sitting close by him, coaching him. KRAVITZ has electrodes attached to his temples and is tired, but trying, eyes closed. Two or three other PEOPLE slowly pace around. It's been a long night so far, but there's still some hope. On the table are assorted papers, a pair of eye glasses, and a can of Pop (the competing brand).]

MAN #1
Come on, Kravitz, all you got to do is think refreshment, and you can move that can, right into your hand.

MAN #2
[leaning down, whispering to KRAVITZ's ear] Come on, concentrate!

MAN #1

Think harder.

MAN #2
Think big refreshment--

[Extreme close up of a lab sink spout. A drop of water is forming, but it doesn't fall and no one's there anyway.]

MAN #1
Still nothing.

MAN #2
Think the biggest refresher you've ever had!

Concentrate, Kravitz. Can't you taste it?

[Medium shot of KRAVITZ still at the table. Two of the PEOPLE have sat down, now, too. They're tired, but KRAVITZ looks very hopeful now. Unnoticed outside the window behind him, the Soda machine is hovering and slowly rising.]

MAN #1
It's not happening. Let's take a break and we'll --

MAN #2
Oh, Kravitz--could you think--down?

[Exterior, from near the building doorway, looking up at the lab windows, the Soda machine hovering outside them. Superimposed white text on bottom half of the view: "SODA/THE CHOICE OF/A NEW GENERATION."]

Soda, the choice of a new generation.

[time ??]

A related soda commercial.

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