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aired on NBC 1989 - 1998
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"Good News, Bad News" (pilot)
Meet three main characters in the pilot of a new show about nothing. Learn about the signals, doing the opposite, doing the laundry, and men with no ideas.

"The Pick" - a segment
This is the part I like best about this episode -- about 3.5 minutes toward the end. Elaine defends herself for missing a button on her Christmas card photo, Jerry defends himself as not being a Picker but also defends all those Pickers out there. Kramer defends himself as the real inventor of the beach cologne.

"The Chinese Woman"
Jerry dates Donna Chang, who isn't oriental; George's father is seen with a man in a cape; Kramer is concerned about his fertility; Elaine has to deal with a Long Talker. (What influences are in our lives?)

"The Bizarro Jerry"
George gains entrance to the forbidden city, Kramer gets a job, and Elaine pursues a set of friends from the bizarro world. Jerry is distressed by all of these changes to his life--and by the size of his new girlfriend's hands.

"The Susie"
George decides he can avoid Allison's breaking up with him until after the annual Ball; then Allison and Kramer decide on a deal where he will break up with George for her; one of Elaine's co-workers decides that Elaine is someone named "Susie"; and Mike fearfully decides that Jerry's "phoniness" is a cover for a murderous life.

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